One More Study Highlights the Impacts of Food on the Gut Microbiome

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( — July 6, 2022) Orlando, FL — Health experts have long recommended resorting to the proven measures in maintaining a healthy gut. It is worth keeping in mind that food plays a significant role in gut health.

Researchers from George Washington University (GW) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) carried out a literature review.

In this study, they found diet and nutrition profoundly affect the gut’s microbial composition. This, according to experts, has impacts on a range of hormonal, metabolic, and neurological processes. 

The findings of this study were published in the Nutrition Reviews. 

“As we learn more about the gut microbiome and nutrition, we are learning how influential they are to each other and, perhaps more central to public health, the role they both play in prevention and treatment of disease,” said Leigh A. Frame, Ph.D., MHS.

The frame is a program director of the Integrative Medicine Programs at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

In conducting this review, the authors were able to see that there was an emerging bi-directional relationship between nutrition and the gut microbiome. Scientists continue to carry out studies learning how the microbiota use and produce both macro and micronutrients. 

“This review reveals that the measurement tools currently in our arsenal are ineffective for identifying the microbial and molecular signatures that can serve as robust indicators of health and disease,” said Scott Jackson.

Jackson is an adjunct assistant professor of clinical research and leadership at SMHS and leader of the Complex Microbial Systems Group at NIST.

An increasing number of studies are looking into the various aspects of gut health. It is worth noting that some researchers have found there are nutrients helpful for the gut, and these include B vitamins.

Over the years, researchers have been looking into the impacts of taking B vitamins for disease protection. These nutrients have long been found to work wonders in delivering a myriad of health benefits.

Inadequate levels of B vitamins have even been linked with certain negative health outcomes. Recent research has shown that feeding the gut microbial flora with B vitamins may produce positive effects that can modulate the gut microbiome.

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