Some All-Natural Remedies Found To Help Digestion, Constipation

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( — July 21, 2022) Orlando, FL — Scientists have long been investigating the remedies potentially helpful for overall digestive health. However today, there are still many who end up struggling with issues like constipation.

According to experts, digestion is the complex process of food ingested being turned into nutrients. These nutrients are then utilized by the body for energy, growth, and the cell repair it needs to survive. It is also worth noting that the digestion process involves creating waste to be flushed out of the system. 

There are many digestive health issues that people experience in their lifetime and one is constipation. This digestive health issue occurs when someone has difficulty emptying the large bowel.  

There can be many reasons why constipation happens, such as when the movement of stool through the colon is too slow. Individuals who poop fewer than 3 times every week may be suffering from constipation.  

When it develops, it leads to difficulty passing stool, passing less stool than usual, straining when passing stool, and having a dry or hard stool. There are other symptoms like nausea, pain, appetite loss, and feeling bloated. 

While not life-threatening, constipation can be uncomfortable. It can also lead to damage like rectal bleeding due to straining, anal fissure, fecal impaction, and symptomatic hemorrhoids.  

Today, scientists are increasingly studying some remedies potentially helpful in protecting digestive health and fighting issues like constipation. Some plant-based remedies like dandelion have been found particularly beneficial.  

There are many interesting things about dandelion, and one is that it could support healthy digestion. What makes it all the more beneficial is that it in traditional herbal medicine, is used in the treatment of constipation. Today, this therapeutic ingredient is widely used for various medicinal purposes. 

In an animal study, it worked in significantly increasing the rates of stomach contractions. It has even been found to empty stomach contents into the small intestines in study subject rats. There are many nutrients and therapeutic ingredients found in dandelion and one is its prebiotic fiber called inulin. 

Research has shown that inulin has a strong ability to lessen constipation and increase intestinal movement. 

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