Air Pollution, Traffic Noise May Increase Heart Failure Risk

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( — August 3, 2022) Orlando, FL — Research has time and again highlighted the factors found to influence the risk of cardiovascular health issues. It is worth noting that the environment may play a role in the heart’s well-being.

A study has revealed that air pollution exposure and road traffic noise over the course of many years may be linked with a heightened risk of heart failure development. Further, the investigators suggest that such a correlation seems to be even more significant in those who previously smoke or have hypertension.

The findings of this study were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open-access journal of the American Heart Association.

“We found that long-term exposure to specific air pollutants and road traffic noise increased the risk of heart failure, especially for former smokers or people with hypertension, so preventive and educational measures are necessary,” said Youn-Hee Lim, Ph.D.

Lim is the lead author of the study and assistant professor in the section of environmental health within the department of public health at the University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

“To minimize the impact of these exposures, broad public tactics such as emissions control measures should be implemented. Strategies like smoking cessation and blood pressure control must be encouraged to help reduce individual risk.”

This analysis looked into the effect of long-term environmental exposure on the development of heart failure. It involved a group of female nurses in Denmark over a 15-to-20-year period.

The investigators gathered data from a prospective study of more than 22,000 members of the all-female Danish Nurse Cohort study. 

“We were surprised by how two environmental factors — air pollution and road traffic noise — interacted,” Lim said. 

“Air pollution was a stronger contributor to heart failure incidence compared to road traffic noise; however, the women exposed to both high levels of air pollution and road traffic noise showed the highest increase in heart failure risk.”

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