The Siemon Law Firm Is the Leading Family and Divorce Law Firm in Georgia

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( — August 1, 2022) — The family law firm The Siemon Law Firm is composed of a team of experienced and understanding attorneys that ensure that all of their client’s law needs and desires are met as best as possible. They are located at 4555 Mansell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022

The Siemon Law Firm is a law firm in Georgia that focuses on family and divorce law. Their team consists of thirteen unique, experienced, and determined attorneys that have a special passion for what they do. Siemon Law Firm has offices open all over Georgia in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, and Marietta. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. These are very flexible hours that this firm offers to ensure that they are available to any client that might need them no matter what their day-to-day schedule. The Siemon Law Firm provides a wide variety of compassionate services across northern Georgia and offers practice areas in family law, child support and custody, divorce, adoption, meditation, LGBTQ family law, property division, bankruptcy, and legitimation and paternity. This law firm has decades of combined experience that allowed them to build unique and useful resources, extensive knowledge of Georgia law, learn to negotiate effectively and litigate aggressively, and provide hands-on and results-focused representation. This variety of scope of practice and years of experience means that The Siemon Law Firm can reach nearly every client’s needs. Their clients can depend on them to complete the correct steps to protect their interests and rights.

Along with The Siemon Law Firm’s professionalism and knowledge, they hold the distinct quality of caring and empathy. These attorneys know that the stakes are high for their clients and that the issue at hand is highly personal. They take their legal responsibility seriously and understand that their clients’ results could affect their children, finances, relationships, property, and future. Because of this, The Siemon Law Firm commits their hearts, souls, and any legal resources available to them to successfully represent their clients in a caring yet determined matter. This firm’s lawyers are constantly finding ways to show their community that they care and can be seen volunteering their time and energy to improve the local communities in which they live and practice law. The Siemon Law Firm has also instilled a team mentality into its staff since the firm was founded. By doing this and fostering cooperation, they can accomplish their clients’ goals far more effectively and offer a greater level of attention and care to each client.

Other than being considered the leading divorce attorney and the best family law firm in Georgia, Siemon Law Firm boasts a long list of accomplishments and achievements. Some of these include their attorney Sam Siemon being honored as a “Rising Star” in the Atlanta community in Super Lawyers magazine, both partners and the firm’s managing attorney holding the highest peer-review rating possible from Avvo, and attorneys Sam Siemon and Josie Siemon being past presidents of the local bar association. The Siemon Law Firm is also involved in Rotary and is a member of the Atlanta Bar Association, Family Law Section to ensure they are up to date and current in the law field. Their clients appreciate all of the hard work, effort, and success that this firm executes which can be seen through their impressive 5.0-star review on Google.