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( — August 2, 2022) — Laurie Brown, CSP has updated her online customer service interactive training for improving internal and external communication.

The updated training is meant for employees, managers, and C-suite executives who want to strengthen their branding and provide excellent customer service. The intensive program teaches students how to provide a unique customer experience, deal with difficult clients, and be perceived as credible and trustworthy through effective communication.

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With the newly announced class, students learn how to listen effectively and identify what today’s customers expect, want, and need. Through focused best practices, Laurie helps executives and employees create lasting relationships with customers so that they respond positively, even when given bad or difficult news.

The training includes an introduction to three essential communication techniques. As explained by Laurie, the core of effective communication lies in active listening. Companies can only respond well to their clients if they first understand what they are saying. This is particularly important during customer service calls when the customer is usually irate and already in a bad mood. Further details can be found at

In the updated training, executives are taught how to make their business more about their customers rather than themselves. Laurie explains that becoming more customer-focus helps companies build better relationships and leads to stronger conversion with repeat clients. The strengthened Customer Service Excellence Training includes modules on greeting customers face-to-face, online, or by telephone, methods of keeping a warm and positive attitude even on a bad day, and specific ways to communicate rules and regulations, among other things.

Laurie is a globally-recognized and well-known communications expert. Her high-content, fun, and collaborative approach has helped hundreds of companies worldwide learn newer and better strategies to be more influential and persuasive.

She is passionate about providing engaging programs that make a difference and is the author of “The Greet Your Customer Manual”, The Teleprompter Manual, and Band-aid.

She updated her training to make it more interactive, even as it is conducted online. She works with companies of all sizes across all industries.

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