Santa Monica Family Dental Clinic | Teeth Whitening Treatments Launched

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( — August 1, 2022) — Dr. Graham’s Dental Wellness Center (+1-310-742-6088) has updated its general dentistry options in a move designed to support patients throughout its Inglewood, California area – spanning Santa Monica, Westchester, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Gardena, and beyond.

The updates are announced to further widen access in Santa Monica to general dentistry services in line with industry advancements, as research facilitates improved oral health treatments. Headed by Adriane Graham, DDS, the Inglewood practice works with local patients of all ages, attending to their cosmetic or preventative dentistry needs using advanced dental technology.

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Dr. Graham’s Dental Wellness Center now offers an extended array of newly updated general dentistry service plans for emergencies or through regular appointments, as needed.

Included in the updates are the inclusion of two professional teeth whitening systems, designed to provide patients with a choice between in-office and home-maintenance treatments. The practice describes both its selections as involving a quick whitening process, with one further offering a DIY kit suited to help patients personally maintain their treatment on an ongoing basis.

Implants, dentures, and Invisalign programs are further options provided by Dr. Graham’s Dental Wellness Center. The practice offers consultations with the aim of ascertaining suitable plans for a patient’s given needs, ranging from replacing or straightening teeth. Through custom-made installations, Dr. Graham and her team can now target optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Per the recent announcement, Dr. Graham’s Dental Wellness Center continues to support communities in and around its Inglewood base with periodontal and general dental care. The practice offers online and over-the-phone contact listings as well as appointment request options and information on its accepted insurance coverages via its official website.

“Your teeth and oral health are precious,” says Dr. Graham. “Your body is a temple – care for it as such. At Adriane Graham, DDS, we value our patients. Every member of our dental team strives to treat each patient as an individual. We also want to educate you about what is going on inside your mouth and work with you to take the fear out of going to the dentist.”

Interested parties in Santa Monica and nearby can find further details about Dr. Graham’s Dental Wellness Center and its general services, including teeth whitening and implant options, at