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( — August 2, 2022) — San Diego-based Border Defense Network (866-499-2124) has expanded its operations to include the provision of criminal defense services for federal or state criminal cases in the US.

The firm’s recent expansion will bring federal and state defense services for immigration, drug, firearm, and economic crimes to clients in San Diego, San Francisco, and other cities in California.

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As public attention to international crime increases within the US, Border Defense Network introduces a service dedicated to border-related cases and supported by many years of experience in criminal defense. Its new service will be valuable to individuals who need defense on international crime, immigration, drug smuggling, and other cases.

The attorneys at Border Defense Network have over 25 years of combined experience in its major services. This quality, along with a long-standing reputation and affordable fee structure, has made the company an ideal partner for border-crime cases in California.

The firm’s experts are trained to provide individualized services for every client. This focus is further emphasized by its Spanish-speaking staff, who offer free legal consultations on all cases. It also made headlines in 2021 as one of the first law firms to open its doors to clients despite the ongoing pandemic.

Border Defense Network is committed to the application of technological advancements in its legal service operations. Its approach has helped clients gain an edge in cases with high stakes and complex charges. The firm also helps its clients through their cases by ensuring that friends and family are available to provide support.

About the Firm

With offices in San Diego and San Francisco, California, Border Defense Network provides legal defense and consultation services for issues related to drug, immigration, gun, and economic crimes. Its founder, Jason Beckner, opened his first practice in 2016 after spending several years living in various Mexican cities and learning in-depth details about wrongful charges related to cross-border crime.

A representative said, “The Border Defense Network is a regional criminal defense firm representing people charged with federal violations or significant state criminal charges. We can be your guide through one of the most stressful and difficult situations anyone can find themselves in. Let the Border Defense Network be your support as you wade through the Federal Court system.”

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