Reverse-Folding Urban & Car Umbrella | Non-drip Ergonomic Design Launched

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( — August 2, 2022) —

Doviaste, the online store for fashionable bags, jewellery, and accessories, has expanded its range with a new inverse closing umbrella from InnovaGoods. The hands-free, ergonomic design allows for quick deployment and easy storage.

With the latest move, Doviaste continues its focus on providing customers with original items at a cost-effective price. The design of the umbrella is well suited to city use because customers can enter and exit their vehicles while protecting themselves from the rain.

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The new InnovaGoods umbrella can be operated with one hand. Once the product has been closed, it stands securely on the ground without needing to be stored.

With a quick-folding design, the umbrella is highly portable and fits into car doors more easily than standard umbrellas. A video on the online store demonstrates its features and shows drivers entering and exiting vehicles quickly.

The easy-to-use umbrella also features a circular handle that allows customers to wear the product on their wrists. While holding it in this way, both hands are free, letting customers access their phone, wallet, keys, or bag.

InnovaGoods wanted to create a product that was useable in all weather conditions. To this end, the ergonomic handle attaches to robust and durable material with non-drip, quick-drying properties.

Made from polyester with natural rubber and metal, the reverse-closing feature makes customers more likely to remain dry when they arrive at their destination.

The open umbrella has wide coverage to protect users from the elements more reliably. The reverse-closing functionality prevents water spillage and carries the wettest parts of the material on the inside.

With the product launch, Doviaste continues to provide customers with quality accessories for stylish, lightweight transport. InnovaGoods is known for functional, efficient products, and the online store offers many of its other options.

In addition to the latest umbrella release, Doviaste also provides customers with jewellery, bags and wallets, and original gift ideas for all occasions.

A spokesperson for the company states: “This handy and practical umbrella with its reverse-opening and closing system, allows you to get out of a car easily and without getting wet on rainy days, as it folds down the other way round to a conventional umbrella.”

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