5 Steps to Cremation Planning You Need To Follow

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(Newswire.net — August 5, 2022) — In an ideal world, our loved ones would stick around forever. Sadly, death is part and parcel of life. This means when a loved one passes, ensuring they have the best send-off possible is important. If your loved one’s wish was to be cremated, you need to follow the appropriate steps to ensure you follow their orders, such as those listed below.

Pick Your Vendor

There are typically two options for cremation. These are going through a funeral home or directly dealing with the crematorium. Each of these options comes with its pros and cons. If you decide on a funeral home, you may wish to opt for SimpleCremation.org. They are a fully licensed funeral home that owns and operates its own on-site crematory. Other things you can discuss with a funeral home include caskets, urns, and final depositions. Without prior memorial service, you may decide on a direct cremation involving the deceased’s body being immediately cremated after death. The option you choose is up to you. 

Decide On a Memorial or Funeral Service

Once you’ve chosen funeral home or direct cremation, you need to think about the details of a memorial or funeral service. While these two terms are often interchangeably used, there is a slight difference. The funeral is where the body is committed to the ground, whereas the memorial service is usually held indoors and is a time to remember and honor your loved one.

Obtain Death/Medical Certificate

When organizing a cremation with a funeral home or crematorium, you’ll need to obtain a copy of your loved one’s death certificate. You can get assistance from the funeral director in retrieving this information. Make sure to get at least ten copies. This is because many institutions like credit card and life insurance companies require an authentic copy to settle your loved one’s affairs.

Transport the Body

The easiest method when it comes to transporting your loved one’s body is by leaving it up to the professionals. They will do this for a fee, but most importantly, respectfully and carefully transport their body to the crematorium or funeral home. Fees for this are typically in the range of $1,000 and $3,000. To save money on transportation fees, you may decide to take care of things yourself and transport their body on your own. However, you must get a body bag at a minimum and have someone to assist you on the drive.

Fill Out Paperwork

Your loved one’s next of kin is required to fill out and sign a cremation authorization form. The paperwork needed to organize a cremation will vary depending on the state, so you may need additional forms. The crematorium or funeral home will provide the forms needed for this. In most instances, you’ll need to provide an official copy of their death certificate. 

Although it can be incredibly difficult to say goodbye to a loved one, if you’re tasked with arranging their cremation, following the steps above will ensure you have every base covered.