Research Highlights Link In Between Fatter Legs and Lessened Hypertension Risk

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( — August 11, 2022) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies have highlighted the tricks to lessen the risk of high blood pressure. Surprisingly in a study, it appears that having fatter legs may lead to a decreased risk of high blood pressure.

This study was presented at the virtual American Heart Association’s Hypertension 2020 Scientific Sessions.

Fatter legs mean having a higher percentage of total body fat tissue in the legs. This research has shown that adults with fatter legs were in a reduced likelihood to have a high blood pressure than those with a lower percentage. 

“Ultimately, what we noted in this study is a continued discussion of ‘it’s not just how much fat you have, but where the fat is located,'” said principal investigator Aayush Visaria, M.P.H., a fourth-year medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark, New Jersey. 

“Although we know confidently that fat around your waist is detrimental to health, the same cannot be said for leg fat. If you have fat around your legs, it is more than likely not a bad thing and may even be protecting you from hypertension, according to our findings.”

The researchers looked into the rate of three types of hypertension in relation to the percentage of fat tissue in the legs of almost 6,000 adults enrolled in the 2011-2016 National Health & Nutrition Examination Surveys. 

It is worth noting that the average age of the participants was 37, nearly half were female and 24 percent had high blood pressure. 

“If these results are confirmed by larger, more robust studies, and in studies using easily accessible measurement methods like thigh circumference, there is the potential to affect patient care,” Visaria said. 

“Just as waist circumference is used to estimate abdominal fat, thigh circumference may be a useful tool, although it’s a bit cumbersome and not as widely studied in the U.S. population.”

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