Denver Monarch Butterfly Habitat & Feeding Needs | Garden Advice Book Launched

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( — August 12, 2022) —

Home gardeners in Denver, Colorado, who want to boost the city’s butterfly population, can now purchase Jeanne Megel’s debut book ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’ to get some useful advice.

The master gardener and experienced biologist brings her expertise in butterfly raising to the home gardeners of Denver with her new book. The capital city of Colorful Colorado is home to the Butterfly Pavilion, one of the US’ most preeminent butterfly gardens, and gateway to some of the country’s most significant natural attractions, including its famous mountains, rivers, and plains. With all of its natural abundance, Jeanne Megel believes that Denver can serve as a roadmap to monarch butterfly care in the country.

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The book is being launched in Denver just ahead of the peak fall planting season. Megel believes that now is the perfect moment to select and integrate plants that support the eggs and larvae of monarch butterflies into one’s garden, as many home gardeners start preparations for the planting of spring bulbs and other flowering plants.

The advice on which plants best help monarch butterflies to grow thrive and reproduce is all contained in her debut book ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’. The guide is the product of eight years of careful research and intensive personal experience; Megel now raises more than 500 butterflies each season.

Taking the insights acquired from both her successes and her failures, the book contains the wisdom distilled from the biologist’s biggest discoveries and the procedures she has honed over the years.

Interested home gardeners will find that the book covers everything one needs to know about how to raise healthy monarch butterflies at home, including collecting the eggs, feeding the caterpillars, monitoring the chrysalises, and releasing the adults. There is also a chapter that covers first aid if things go wrong.

Jeanne Megel knows that many people are not aware of just how vital monarch butterflies are to the Denver and broader Colorado ecosystem. They are key pollinator that, similarly to bees, keeps the plant world rich in biodiversity.

Thanks to ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home’, Denver residents who have fallen in love with butterflies after having visited the Butterfly Pavilion can now recreate that life and beauty in their own backyard.

Jeanne Megel is a renowned biologist and master gardener who is spearheading the conservation movement for the endangered monarch butterfly in the US.

A spokesperson for the author said, “Raising monarch butterflies at home is a truly rewarding adventure! It is a learning experience that enriches your life and also increases your understanding of the importance of butterflies in our environment and our very being.”

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