Answers To High Ticket Sales Objections | Handling Training Program Launched

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( — August 12, 2022) —

As the online space becomes ever more competitive, business owners and sales teams face greater challenges converting prospective clients into paying customers. In light of this, an e-commerce consultancy announces a new training program focusing on how to handle objections from prospects.

Objection Handling Mastery is the latest launch from the Begging to Buy team. The program offers subscribers a proven system to increase conversions and increase their bottom line without having to spend more on advertising, marketing, or social media campaigns.

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The announcement outlines the program’s extensive training for aspiring entrepreneurs and more experienced sales professionals alike. Objection Handling Mastery teaches subscribers a four-step process to convert apparent rejections into closed deals without having to compromise their business model or cater to every whim of the prospective customer.

The program explains why objections are actually symptoms of flaws in one’s offer-making process. Vendors often interpret such responses as flat ‘no’ when, in reality, they reveal a prospect’s potential willingness to be persuaded and present an opportunity rather than a definitive end to commercial interaction.

Subscribers are given a list of signs that might suggest their objection handling approach needs an overhaul. These include lower revenue than predicted by forecasts and predictions, fewer appointments being scheduled between different sales agents or split tests, reduced renewals from existing clients, big differences in closing ratios amongst one’s sales team, and a lack of referrals, organic brand growth, or effective customer retention.

Begging to Buy’s course includes over 13 virtual whiteboard training videos that walk enrollees through this time-tested system. Objection Handling Mastery teaches where objections originate from, when they should be handled, what agents need to say in response (the ‘one magic phrase’) and how to leverage a customer’s natural decision-making process to turn an objection into a closed deal.

The program is interactive and gives subscribers the chance to ask questions, get feedback, and share ideas with other members. Objection Handling Mastery is compatible with any internet-ready device from smartphones to laptops and grants users lifetime access to the course content and a large catalog of case studies as well as downloadable PDFs and slides. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “You can view all of the video content in 3-4 hours (we recommend you have some breaks in there!) or you can split it up over a few mornings, afternoons, or spread it over a weekend. The goal is for you to learn at your own pace so that you can most effectively implement this simple 4-step process to improve your bottom line.”

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