Toronto Spousal Sponsorship | Canadian Residency Immigration Visa Guide Released

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( — August 12, 2022) —

Ivan Steele Law (647-342-0568), an immigration firm in Toronto, has published a guide to help Canadians sponsor their American partners, so they can obtain permanent residency in Canada.

The recently published guide outlines the steps a Canadian citizen or permanent resident must take to sponsor his or her American spouse or common-law partner. Despite their close proximity and cultural similarities, bringing a loved one from the USA to Canada can be a confusing and paper-intensive process.

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By releasing this informational guide, the law firm can help Canadians and their partners navigate the complex immigration process. Readers can learn how to qualify as a Canadian sponsor, and how to prove they have a genuine relationship. The author also differentiates between applications filed inland and those filed outside of Canada.

First, the author lists the requirements to be a sponsor. They include having valid Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, not being in prison, not receiving welfare, not being in default of a family court order, and not being charged with a serious crime.

Next, the guide highlights the importance of proving a valid relationship. Immigration officers have the discretion to balance the probabilities that a Canadian-American couple is legitimate and may consider factors such as previous marriages, age differences, children in common, cohabitation, and joint accounts.

Finally, the report discusses where a couple should file their spousal sponsorship application. Couples have the option to live separately in their home countries until permanent residency is granted. In some cases, couples already cohabitating in Canada can apply from within the country, and eligible spouses may apply for an open work permit while they wait for their permanent residency to be processed.

The firm specializes in reuniting Canadians with their American partners. Canadian marriage visas and permanent residency applications involve complex family, taxation, estate, and immigration laws, but the experts at Ivan Steele Law can help binational couples submit a complete application that is more likely to be approved.

A satisfied client said: “Ivan guided us through a work permit and residency application with the utmost professionalism and dedication… I would highly recommend Ivan to anyone requiring support with an immigration process.”

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