Fission Consulting’s New It Carve-Out Service Manages Full It Separation Cycle

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( — August 15, 2022) — The new IT carve-out execution services from Fission Consulting offer to manage all aspects of the separation cycle using proven carve-out methodologies and bespoke technology.

Chicago (USA) Aug 15—To help businesses maximize portability and drive business valuation, Fission Consulting offers comprehensive IT due diligence and separation tools. The goal is to enable private equity firms to lower transition timelines and business risks while confirming business continuity during a divestiture, merger, or acquisition.

Carve-out transactions are always cross-functional and begin when a parent company of an enterprise sells its equity to a private equity company that runs the business as a separate entity. The permanent splitting of IT often poses challenges and complexities for the involved parties—the existing IT system continues to cater to the demands of a new company while being subject to separation.

The efficient and targeted split of IT components, e.g., the processes, systems, services, data, infrastructures, or projects, can be highly profitable if executed accurately and by experts.

IT carve-outs involve a slew of convoluted and lengthy processes, and businesses may lack an expert understanding of efficient IT strategies around IT security, infrastructure, and expenditure. The result is that many IT carve-out initiatives fail, adding to the costs and risks associated and leaving private equity clients with underperformed IT resources.

Fission Consulting claims its Carve-Out Services are developed and designed especially for carve-outs that have been implemented successfully in numerous large-scale IT system transformation tasks.

Fission adds that its team of experts can create a high-performing, cost-efficient, and highly protected IT stack during the transition, not during the hold periods when the client should concentrate more on value creation.

The company claims its proprietary IT carve-out solutions guarantee that no business-critical data gets compromised during the transition process. In addition, the private equity firms get around-the-clock assistance during the migration process—from pre-close diligence all the way through to post-close optimization. The team ensures uninterrupted communication with all stakeholders and helps clients successfully navigate this complex transformational project of IT separation.

The company says that while its client experienced around 50% professional service cost savings, the project timeline was reduced by 50% with Fission’s ERP carve-out tools compared to the traditional equivalents.

Fission’s end-to-end ERP carve-out tools can help clients control their IT strategies and execute the IT separation cycle in six steps:

1: Devising a new IT landscape using sophisticated separation software

2: Replicating the parent system

3: Pinpointing and extracting in-scope data and cloning data from Parent’s IT environment to the new company’s IT system

4: Setting up the hosting environment and linking all required interfaces

5: Implementing data checking and validation cycles to minimize business risks so that no Parent data gets migrated as part of the IT carve-out process

6: Shifting data to the new infrastructure

As a data-driven service, Fission aims to enable its clients to improve their bottom line by extracting actionable insights from their business data and accelerating decision-making by helping them pick the best reporting and analytics tools.

Headquartered in Chicago, Fission Consulting is a leading IT service and IT consulting provider that helps private equity firms leverage IT to improve the return from their portfolio organizations. It offers full-stack IT carve-out strategizing and execution services to guide clients through each critical step in IT separation and help them keep the guesswork out of the process. To learn more about Fission’s IT carve-out execution, please visit