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( — August 15, 2022) — Bitzer Criminal Law (403-252-0189) has updated its legal advisory services to help individuals who are facing charges of sexual assault in Calgary, Alberta.

With the update, the trial defense lawyers offer those accused of sexual assault expert advice and representation. Bitzer Criminal Law draws from decades of experience in this sensitive and complex area of criminal law.

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The professional law firm’s services provide reliable legal defense for complex case resolution and aim to resolve matters quickly and justly.

Allegations of sexual assault are complex and involve unique challenges. The firm explained that there can often be limited proof and a tendency to rely on memories of both the accused and the complainant. Moreover, a false allegation has wide-reaching consequences that affect the accused’s life, family, career, and reputation. However, in these cases, the burden of proof falls on the defense.

According to Bitzer Criminal Law, sexual assault cases require specialized knowledge of the law of evidence and procedure to build the best defense and assist in fair court proceeding outcomes. Bitzer Criminal Law provides robust legal guidance and is well versed in the defense of such cases.

The top-rated criminal law firm advises persons accused of sexual assault to contact a lawyer immediately to put together a plan of action, as prompt and correct advice can make a difference to the outcome and expedite fair release from custody. Clients can contact the legal defenders to discuss their options with the assurance of solicitor-client confidentiality.

Founded by Barrister and Solicitor Stephen J. Bitzer, the well-established Calgary law firm was built on the principles of human rights. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Bitzer is well known for achieving high success rates for his clients. Adopting a collaborative approach, Bitzer Criminal Law draws upon specialist knowledge from a network of legal collaborators to secure the best outcomes. The firm also specializes in other areas of practice, including fraud and property crimes, DUI, regulatory appeals and legal opinions, domestic violence and assault, and more.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Every day, Albertans are charged with criminal offenses, and Stephen’s clients trust him to be there to support, guide and advocate for them in a court of law as well as through the administration and preparation processes.”

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