New Lasting Fat Loss Book by Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D., Launched 21 Jul 22

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( — August 16, 2022) — Dr. Dennis Bradford’s new book is “THE BEST WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT . . . AND KEEP IT OFF!” We’re typically unclear about hunger. For more information:

Experienced philosopher and certified life coach Dennis E. Bradford launched his new book, “THE BEST WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT . . . AND KEEP IT OFF!!” late last month. Both paperback and Kindle e-book versions are available on Amazon; Dr. Bradford plans an audio version soon. It’s expected to be a hit with those adults who’ve discovered for themselves that traditional dietary and exercise programs only occasionally result in lasting fat loss. Click here for more information.

About 3 of 4 people in the United States and many other countries such as Mexico, Canada, and England are too fat for excellent health. The usual dietary and exercise recommendations fail nineteen out of twenty times. That’s the bad news.

The good news, according to Dr. Bradford, is that there is an effective, practical, simple, direct, and free or inexpensive solution that is doable. It’s offered in this book.

Although they may be well-intentioned, the chief assumption behind the usual dietary and exercise recommendations is false. Once that is understood, the chief conceptual obstruction to a more healthful and lasting percentage of body fat dissolves.

Furthermore, Bradford’s recommended solution is grounded on an approach that is applicable to other important domains as well such as living with distress from prolonged unwanted emotions. This book comes with a powerful Bonus that may enable readers to free themselves from such emotions as shame, guilt, grief, anger, and fear as well as from emotional overeating (or undereating).

This is Dr. Bradford’s 34th book. When asked why he wrote it, he said, “It was simply to share what I’ve personally discovered about how to lose body fat in a lasting way. Traditional diet and exercise approaches failed to work very long for me, and I was determined to find an approach that worked for lasting results. I’m very pleased that I did.”

THE BEST WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT . . . AND KEEP IT OFF! sets as its main focus how to reduce one’s percentage of body fat in a lasting way. It does not involve any special dietary or exercise programs. It does not require any additional expenses.

Dennis E. Bradford has a background in personal development and has been an Amazon bestselling author. The book is being released by Ironox Works.

Bradford hopes that the book will enable others who want to lose body fat in a lasting way to succeed. He does not claim that this is an original program and gives credit to all those philosophers and spiritual teachers who helped him better understand how to practice wisdom. “I’m only following those sages who blazed the way.”

Those interested in learning more about the book may click here.