Research Suggests Having A Good Listener Enhances Brain Health

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( — August 25, 2022) Orlando, FL — Multiple research studies have shown the various aspects of brain health and how it could be improved and protected. 

A study has particularly shown that having a good listener improves brain health. 

The researchers revealed that in adulthood, supportive social interactions are vital for one’s ability to stave off cognitive decline. This is despite brain aging or neuropathological changes, such as those found in Alzheimer’s disease. 

The findings of this research were published in JAMA Network Open. 

It’s been found that by just having someone to count on or listen to you is linked with greater cognitive resilience, which is a measure of the brain’s ability to function better than would be expected for the amount of physical aging- or disease-related changes in the brain.

Neurologists believe brain health can be boosted by engaging in physical exercise, mentally stimulating activities, and positive social interactions.

“We think of cognitive resilience as a buffer to the effects of brain aging and disease,” says lead researcher Joel Salinas, MD, the Lulu P. and David J. Levidow Assistant Professor of Neurology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and member of the Department of Neurology’s Center for Cognitive Neurology. 

“This study adds to growing evidence that people can take steps, either for themselves or the people they care about most, to increase the odds they’ll slow down cognitive aging or prevent the development of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease — something that is all the more important given that we still don’t have a cure for the disease.”

It is worth being warned that an estimated 5 million people in the U.S. are living with this progressive condition called Alzheimer’s disease. 

This disease usually affects individuals who are more than 65 years old. Further, it is notoriously known for its ability to interfere with language, memory, decision-making, and the ability to live independently. 

There are actually many other studies investigating on the various aspects of brain health and some remedies helpful in protecting it. Time and again it has been recommended that making dietary and lifestyle improvements is helpful.

It can also be beneficial to use medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane, which has long been studied on due to its remarkable healing effects.

Studies reveal it has neuroprotective, cardiovascular-health enhancing, anti-inflammatory, cognitive-decline-fighting, nerve repairing, blood-pressure lowering, immunity-boosting, cholesterol-regulating, and weight management properties.

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