5 Of The Most Innovative Business Tools In 2022

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The US Small Business Administration reported that in 2021 small businesses “gained 9.1 million jobs and lost 8.7 million, for a net increase of 466,607 jobs”. While this is a net positive in terms of job creation it still highlights the fact that over the course of a year 8.7 million jobs which were created by small businesses no longer existed. This is an illustration of the degree of volatility to which small businesses may be subject. As a result a business owner should use every tool available to them to ensure that their business is a success and can continue to generate employment and empower people. This article will break down five innovative tools for businesses which can assist any business owner. 

1. TRUiC Business Name Generator 

The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has created an incredibly advanced business name generator which is powered by AI technology. Naming a business can be an incredibly difficult step in the process of starting a business as the business name has to convey so much information with as few words as possible. A business name is also a foundational aspect of marketing and business branding which are essential to any successful business. The TRUiC name generator can greatly assist with this task as it produces hundreds of business names based on the keywords which the user enters and the industry which their business operates in. The name generator also checks for availability of the .com URL of the business name to allow for the easy setup of an online presence for a business.

2. Mailchimp

While email marketing is not a new marketing development, the ease and convenience of Mailchimp service is certainly an innovation in the digital marketing space. Email marketing requires a customer to willingly divulge their email address to a business. This combined with the fact that Mailchimp is free until a mailing list reaches 2000 subscribers makes email marketing one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available. Mailchimp allows its users to manage email lists, capture email addresses, analyze email engagement and send out emails on a schedule or on an automatic basis. As a result its users can effectively tailor their email marketing campaigns to be as effective as possible. 

3. Slack 

Slack is a tool which easily facilitates one of the most important aspects of a business’s operation, communication. Slack has a great deal of functionality for the purpose of communication within a company. This includes the ability to easily share documents and other files as well as being able to efficiently search through messages to find the one a business member is after. Slack also has a wealth of integration capabilities as it can effectively integrate with a massive variety of other business management tools such as productivity, sales, design, and developer tools. 

4. Canva 

Canva is a graphic design suite for those who are looking to create high quality graphics, images and graphs for their business. The innovation of the tool is its tremendous ease of use even for those with no graphic design experience. The Canva suite uses drag and drop functionality and offers a massive variety of templates for every kind of business need. This allows even the most inexperienced users to make aesthetically pleasing graphics for their business with ease. Canva is constantly creating new templates and designs to meet the ever changing needs of the modern digital environment. 

5. Hootsuite 

Social media marketing is a very popular and highly effective form of digital marketing which any business can employ. However it can be time consuming and inconvenient for business owners to manage multiple social media accounts and platforms. Hootsuite exists to solve this problem by creating a unified platform for all of a business’s social media accounts. This platform allows its users to schedule their social media posts well in advance which means that a business can schedule all of their social media posting for a week in one afternoon. Additionally, Hootsuite provides a range of analytics and other data reporting tools which can give a business owner a better understanding of the effectiveness of their social media marketing. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of tools available for business owners to improve the quality of their business operations. The TRUiC business name generator creates business names effortlessly allowing its users to have a compelling and catchy name for their business. Mailchimp simplifies the email marketing process to facilitate high ROI email marketing. Slack brings elegance to business communication as well as a host of integration options. Canva makes it easy to be a graphic designer and create custom designs for any business needs. Hootsuite brings all social media platforms together to make the process of managing social media marketing much easier for a business owner.