Mounting Research Examines Targets to Manage Blood Sugar After Meals

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( — September 1, 2022) Orlando, FL — Diabetes stays incurable despite decades of research to find its cure. Today, scientists are increasingly looking into the ways to make management of the condition more effective. 

According to experts, mealtimes can be troublesome for those with diabetes. Following a meal, there is usually an increase in blood sugar levels. This happens after food digestion or blood sugar levels plummet once an insulin dose goes more than the required meal.

A study was carried out to examine how the advances in medication, technologies, and lifestyle changes can aid in managing challenges linked with post-meal blood sugar levels. 

The findings of this research were published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

John L. Leahy, MD, says that advances such as faster-acting insulins, new drug classes, more flexible insulin delivery systems and improved continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices are paving the way to improve post-meal blood glucose level management, but concrete goals and strategies for how best to apply these exciting therapies need to be better defined.

Leahy is from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, Vt., who led the panel. 

Today, scientists are increasingly looking into the therapeutic effects of natural remedies like ashwagandha in regulating blood sugar levels. This natural remedy has been discovered to work by increasing insulin sensitivity. 

This natural ingredient is actually a popular subject of research due to its strong medicinal values. It has been able to demonstrate its ability to normalize blood sugar in hyperglycemic rats. 

According to researchers, it worked by lessening levels of inflammation and enhancing insulin sensitivity. This natural healing ingredient was also tested involving humans with mild type 2 diabetes. 

It has been found that to lower blood glucose as effectively as an oral hypoglycemic medication. Today, more and more researchers look into the remarkable healing benefits of ashwagandha for various medicinal purposes.

It is worth mentioning this supplement also has adaptogenic, antidepressant, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-angiogenic, immunomodulatory, cardioprotective, hypocholesteremic, and anti-malarial potentials.

This strong adaptogen is native to the dry regions of northern Africa, India, and the Middle East. However today, it is grown in the United States and other areas with mild climates. It is widely consumed nowadays via supplementation.

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