Effective Tips To Eliminate Illegal Robocalls

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(Newswire.net — September 18, 2022) — Do you or your dear one receive multiple spam and unwanted robocalls daily? If so, then you should seek help. Robocalls are automated phone calls made on your landline or mobile phones, often done by telemarketers, scammers, and advertisers. Receiving such unwanted calls can make you tired of answering phone calls, even if you’re waiting for a call from your dear one or business client. While there is no specific way to get rid of unwanted spam calls or unwanted robocalls completely, there are some major steps that you can follow to reduce the number and secure yourself from scams vehemently. In certain cases, you can choose to take legal action too.

Tips for people to stop illegal spam calls

Lodge a complaint with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission): Complaint data is the right tool for federal bodies to measure the limit of the spam call epidemic. While lodging a complaint may not help you get an instant response, complaint data may speed the FCC to take action. Regarding spam calls and messages, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is the right legal defense that helps you without your consent. The FCC further strengthens the TCPA rules and regulations.

Add the spam call numbers to the do-not-call list

Though a do-not-call list will not prevent all spam calls, it is a good way to remove a major chunk of robocalls from companies that don’t violate the law. However, some companies you’re in touch with, such as your bank, loan-providing company, healthcare providers, etc., may still ignore the law and will get through.

Withdraw consent

If you are getting calls from banks, lenders, and other companies who want to do business with you, they likely need your consent to call you. While they have the option to robocall, they don’t have the right to do so. If you can withdraw your consent at any time, it is a good thing to stop these calls.

Tell the company to revoke consent and if you still get calls, speak to the customer service agent and share the information that you do not wish to receive calls, and your number should be added to the do-not-call list. It will not stop all the spam calls but reduce the number.

Never engage with the caller

Usually, the spam calls interact and continue calling after the caller has engaged with them at the start. If it is a robocall, don’t press a key when it prompts you to. 

Download call-blocking apps:

Several call-blocking applications offer you a free or minimal-cost service, allowing you to filter out spam calls on your phone. It allows users to block specific numbers and report them.

Let them know you’re at a medical facility

The TCPA prevents spam calls to a patient or an attendant at a healthcare facility.

Sue the caller

A law is challenging, but as per the TCPA rules, you can file a lawsuit to stop the robocalls. You should hire a reputable spam call lawyer California to file a lawsuit against the spam call company. If successful, you will get good compensation, either the actual damage or violation money.

Use the steps mentioned above to get rid of spam callers in California.