Walnut Intake Found To Lessen Cardiovascular Disease Risk

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(Newswire.net — September 28, 2022) Orlando, FL — Cardiovascular ailments are undeniably prevalent nowadays. This is why more and more experts are carrying out studies to investigate the remedies helpful in protecting the heart.

A study has shown that consumption of about ½ cup of walnuts daily for two years modestly reduced levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, known as “bad cholesterol.”  

The food has also reduced the number of total LDL particles and small LDL particles in healthy, older adults.

It is worth realizing that LDL particles are considered a predictor of cardiovascular disease risk.  

The findings of this interesting research were published in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation. 

“Prior studies have shown that nuts in general, and walnuts in particular, are associated with lower rates of heart disease and stroke. One of the reasons is that they lower LDL-cholesterol levels, and now we have another reason: they improve the quality of LDL particles,” said study co-author Emilio Ros, M.D., Ph.D.

Ros is the director of the Lipid Clinic at the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona in Spain. 

“LDL particles come in various sizes. Research has shown that small, dense LDL particles are more often associated with atherosclerosis, the plaque or fatty deposits that build up in the arteries. Our study goes beyond LDL cholesterol levels to get a complete picture of all of the lipoproteins and the impact of eating walnuts daily on their potential to improve cardiovascular risk.”

This sub-study of the Walnuts and Healthy Aging study involved a large, two-year randomized controlled trial that examined whether walnuts contribute to healthy aging. 

The investigators assessed if regular walnut intake had beneficial effects on lipoproteins, regardless of a person’s diet or where they live.

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