Workflow Improvement With JavaScript Data Grid From Handsontable

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( — September 29, 2022) — JavaScript data grids offered as APIs or libraries are a great solution for any application that needs functionality for displaying data in a way resembling Microsoft Excel spreadsheets commonly used by many organizations and households around the globe. Instead of investing your time and money in building your own data grid, you can trust the JS spreadsheet from Handsontable.

Rich Features to Boost Your Business Processes

Providing you an ability to aggregate large data sets coming from multiple sources and visualize them in a comprehensible way in the same table while being able to retrieve certain data entries by grouping, sorting, filtering, and selecting and get a summary for particular data columns, all of this functionality can be found in the JS spreadsheet from Handsontable.

This data greed also has all of the necessary features for convenient work with data including merging, rendering, validating, editing cells, commenting, hiding, freezing, and moving entire rows or columns. Applying virtualization and exporting your information in a number of file formats is also possible with the help of Handsontable.

Perfect API for Integration with Your Application

As the name suggests, the JS spreadsheet from Handsontable is written in JavaScript and it can be easily integrated with any apps developed in the same programming language. In addition to it, it is also compatible with apps based on JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Vue, Vue 3, Angular, and React.

Furthermore, the Handsontable data grid can be used together with another useful product developed by this team. HyperFormula can extend the functionality of the Handsontable spreadsheet allowing its users not only to manipulate the data displayed in the tabular format but also to perform calculations on it. The library of built-in mathematical functions offered by HyperFormula is continually expanding, whereas the tool has all of the necessary functionality for creating custom formulas. 

Beneficial Licensing Conditions for JS Spreadsheet from Handsontable

Handsontable offers its customers several licensing options to improve their work experience most effectively.

You can use Handsontable absolutely free of charge if you would like to facilitate its capabilities for your personal project or software assessment. Businesses can use one of the three options. There are two types of annual subscriptions available – standard and flexible. In the first case, the payment is made per developer, however, it allows you to deliver your product to an unlimited number of end-users. The license also includes maintenance, support, SaaS, or internal deployment.

The flexible plan will let you customize the billing terms and also benefit from consulting training and priority support from both technical experts and an account manager.

Finally, you might find it more comfortable for your company to make a one-time payment for the JS spreadsheet from Handsontable.