How To Boost Employee Morale in the Workplace

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( — September 30, 2022) — Employee morale is a crucially important part of the workplace experience, and important to track as your business continues to develop and grow. Low employee morale leads to low productivity and low growth, and can even impact your reputation in the job market. But how can you boost employee morale within your own business?

Open Communication

The importance of communication cannot be understated, from customer services to supplier relations and beyond. But internal communications are often overlooked, if inadvertently, by growing businesses; all attention is typically turned to external growth factors, leaving employee concerns unattended.

A robust internal comms strategy is a two-way strategy that enables team members to consult line managers and executives openly about their workload and projects underway. Not only can issues and errors be minimized, but staff members can also give feedback to management, and seek meaningful accommodations where personal or mental issues are concerned.

Enshrining Flexibility

Speaking of which, the ability of your business to make appropriate accommodations and concessions with regard to employee needs will greatly impact your employee turnover rate, as well as the performance of any new openings on the job market. More so than ever, workers are rejecting roles for those with better terms and more flexibility.

This flexibility can be achieved in a number of specific ways. For administrative and technical work, the option to work from home could be the difference between low and high morale for key members of staff; commutes can be costly and mentally taxing. Flexible hours can also mean employees worry less about managing their work around the needs of their school-age children.

A Welcoming Workplace

For those that choose to work on your physical premises, it is vital that their working environment is a comfortable and pleasant one in which to work. There are some simple ways in which this can be achieved, depending on the nature of your workplace.

Music is something of a universal comfort, and an inexpensive way to provide casual stimulation during a working day or shift. A Milwaukee radio would be a suitable choice of radio for both offices and more active sites; if your premises has a speaker system built-in, you could give employees the chance to play their own music, or contribute to a collaborative playlist – giving more choice and freedom to staff members in curating their own office ‘vibe’.

Events and Teambuilding

Staff cohesion is also an important part of the equation with regard to morale. Ensuring your employees are communicative with one another reduces the risk of bottlenecks in your business’ workflow, and enables the smooth conduct of day-to-day business.

This can be achieved through the hosting of inter-departmental social events and team-building away days. By allowing social relationships to develop through group activities and exercises, you can ensure interpersonal issues are less likely to develop – keeping morale high as a result.