New Research Warns Late Evening Eating May Be Bad for Heart Health

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( — October 11, 2022) Orlando, FL — Food has long been recognized to be one of the most influential factors for heart health. Many studies have even shown that food preferences and meal times have varying effects on the heart.

A study has shown that consumption of more calories in the evening is linked with poorer cardiovascular health in women. It has particularly revealed that eating more of the day’s calories after 6 p.m. is associated with poorer heart health. 

There is actually mounting evidence showing that meal times have an effect on cardiometabolic health. 

Recently, a study has demonstrated that the consumption of meals earlier in the day may help in weight loss. Further, eating later in the day may actually promote weight gain and even slow down metabolism.

Later mealtimes have even been shown to increase inflammatory markers that are usually linked with diabetes as well as heart disease. There are other studies involving mice and human participants revealing that setting strict mealtimes can help control blood sugar levels.

The study was spearheaded by NourMakarem, Ph.D., an associate research scientist at the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, in New York.

It involved 112 healthy women, who were 33 years old, on average.

The findings suggest consumption of more calories after 6 p.m. led to poorer cardiovascular health. Further, for every 1 percent increase in caloric intake after 6 p.m., the cardiovascular health score declined. 

The researchers also found an increase in the levels of blood pressure and body mass index as well as poorer blood sugar control.

“These preliminary results indicate that intentional eating that is mindful of the timing and proportion of calories in evening meals may represent a simple, modifiable behavior that can help lower heart disease risk,” Makarem said.

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