3 Benefits of Web3 for Influencer Marketing in 2023

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If you are unfamiliar with the term “Web3,” you are in for a real treat. While it can get a bit complicated trying to understand exactly what this means, the easiest way to describe it would be that Web3 Internet connectivity is built on blockchain technology, just like cryptocurrency is. However, the key advantage of Web3 Internet is that it does away with the big networks and platforms that currently control literally everything that happens in the Web. The big networks and media sites make all the rules and everyone else needs to play by them. Web3 is taking us to a whole new level where anyone and everyone on the Internet can play by their own rules. This is where influencer marketing is making a huge leap into the future of marketing in general.

1. Early Visitors Can Be Rewarded with Tokens

One of the main benefits of getting in on the ground floor of Web3 influencer marketing is that influencer marketers can be a link between the businesses and visitors who access sites through blockchain channels. They can be awarded tokens for visiting Web3 sites in the early days, which would put them at an advantage in the world of crypto. Imagine how many tokens can be amassed before Web3 connectivity is in full swing. It may not be long now, so this is the time to start learning about Web3 technology before it takes over the entire system, which it will almost assuredly do. Those tokens can only grow in value as blockchain technology advances.

2. No More Falling Prey to Social Media

With Web3 technology, social media as we know it today will be a thing of the past. Where users now need to connect via social networks, Web3 will be a system in which users can connect directly without going through any social networks or chat messaging like they do today. This, perhaps, is one of the most amazing benefits for influencer marketers because they don’t need to spend hours ensuring their posts and uploads are compliant with network rules and regulations. They will literally be making their own rules, having the ability to connect directly with their followers.

3. The Early Rewards of Crypto

Let’s step back for just a moment. In today’s world, influencer marketers get some kind of physical reward for linking consumers to products and services. They literally influence buyer habits and most often will receive either products or money for their posts with a certain number of followers. At this time, the money they are paid is in some country’s denomination and for the time being, that is sufficient. However, as time goes on, cryptocurrency will almost certainly replace traditional currencies associated with each country’s federal banking system. With crypto, the value is tied to a digital asset and not some country’s currency. A crypto token would than hold the same value worldwide, making commerce a whole lot easier and those tokens earned by influencer marketers would hold more value because they can be collected or ‘spent’ anywhere on earth!

This is just the beginning of what Web3 influencer marketing is all about and the benefits that can be had, especially in these early days. It’s opening the doors to an exciting new world of commerce and something that is set to explode in the very near future.