A Study Finds Waking Up Early Cuts Depression Risk

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(Newswire.net — November 21, 2022) Ste 177 Winnetka, IL, IL — Research has time and again warn against not just the prevalence, but also the risk factors of mental health issues like depression. 

A study now finds waking up early cuts the risk of depression. The researchers have particularly revealed that by just getting out of bed an hour earlier one could lessen the odds of major depression by 23 percent.

The findings of this new genetic study were published in JAMA Psychiatry journal.  

Carried out by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, this research involved 840,000 individuals. 

It offers some of the strongest evidence yet demonstrating that chronotype – a person’s propensity to sleep at a certain time – influences depression risk. It is also one of the first studies to quantify how little or how much change is needed to influence mental health.

It is worth noting that the study findings could have relevant implications considering that post-pandemic – from working and attending school remotely – a trend that has led a number of people to shift to a later sleep schedule. 

“We have known for some time that there is a relationship between sleep timing and mood, but a question we often hear from clinicians is: How much earlier do we need to shift people to see a benefit?” said senior author Celine Vetter, assistant professor of integrative physiology at CU Boulder. 

“We found that even one-hour earlier sleep timing is associated with significantly lower risk of depression.”

Observational studies carried out in the past have highlighted that night owls double their risk of depression compared to early risers. This stays true regardless of how long they sleep. However, due to the fact that mood disorders themselves can disrupt sleep patterns, scientists have had trouble deciphering what causes what. 

Maintaining mental health and warding off conditions like depression may be made in various ways. There are actually certain techniques found to be particularly helpful that scientists are currently investigating, and these include the use of ashwagandha.  

Research has time and again shown ashwagandha helps decrease symptoms of mental health issues. This remedy has actually been found to have adaptogenic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, antimicrobial, hypocholesterolemic, cardioprotective, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-angiogenic agents, as well as tannins and potassium. 

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