Preserve Nature With Travel!

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( — November 14, 2022) — You’ll need to consider many things if you’re planning a trip. Which accommodation to choose? Which mode of transport would be best? What should you eat? But do you consider the environment while you make your travel plans? What environmental ethics should you follow to converse biodiversity even as you travel?

Clueless about what you can do? Read about Dancing Star Foundation to get tips for ‘green’ travel.

Look for Opportunities for Ecotourism:

Be a responsible traveler and conserve the natural areas while traveling. Ecotourism can help you reduce your impact and focus on preserving the qualities of a place that attracted you to visit it. So seek out accommodation that has policies in place for conserving the environment. This might be a little difficult to find. 

You can start your search by looking for hotels that advertise they are environmentally responsible, then once you find a few, make a phone call and check for the same. Look for hotels with certifications such as LEED, Green glove, Green Leaf, EU Eco-Label, or any other certification. Learn more about Ecotourism at

Reach there the ‘Green’ Way:

The most intense portion of the vacation that causes pollution is the journey. The option that causes the most pollution is air travel. So why not take a car or train wherever you can? This can save you money and the environment too. Train travel is the best option if you have time for the same. Apart from going green, there are other advantages, such as interacting with others or worrying about driving or other concerns. 

No matter which mode of travel you finally decide on, look for packages offering carbon neutralization. This is the best way to support those working to curb emissions and do your bit to help them. Such packages neutralize the carbon emissions of your travel through several projects they have started to offset the amount of carbon produced by travel. Find out more about nature-friendly trips at

Reduce Your Tourist Impact:

Once you reach your destination, there are several ways to conserve biodiversity and reduce your tourist impact on nature. Use public travel instead of renting a taxi or car. By doing this, you can understand the local nature of the place, and you don’t need to worry about finding parking or dealing with traffic, and you will save money too. To get a more local experience, dine in the local farmer’s market. You will get fresh and delicious local food options. This will help reduce the ‘food miles’ – that is, the distance traveled by food and can reduce the emissions of travel this way too. Find out what to do at nature-friendly places at

If you’re traveling to delicate ecosystems, follow all tips to conserve them. Getting experience of beaches, wildlife and forest is a luxury, and treat it like one, so the experience does not get ruined, and the place remains the same for years to come. Wherever you go, be a responsible traveler, and do your bit to conserve nature.