3 Delicious Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet

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(Newswire.net — November 16, 2022) —One of my biggest struggles is keeping a healthy diet. I’ve noticed that when I eat less protein, I’m much more likely to overeat, snack, and get off track with my diet. For this reason, I try to focus on my protein each day and try to get creative with ways I can get more into my diet. There are some foods that are naturally high in protein such as eggs, meat, poultry, and fish, so I try to base my main meals around those. Where I usually fall short on protein is for snacks on the go and whenever I’m needing a little pick me up. If you’d like some great ideas for how to get more protein into your diet, keep reading to learn more.

Try Baking With Protein
While I’m no whizz in the kitchen, I definitely enjoy baking especially when it’s simple. I recently was fortunate enough to try this Naked Bake protein powder baking mix. It’s an extremely versatile product that you can use for protein shakes, muffins, pancakes, or even just to make banana bread. One tub should make approximately two loaves of banana bread, which stores well when frozen. All you need to do is add some scoops to a mixing bowl and combine them with some water. It does not get any easier than that! Throw in some chocolate chips if you want it to feel a bit more like a tasty treat. You can relax knowing that each loaf of banana bread has approximately 75g of protein! It makes an easy breakfast in a pinch, or a great little treat to have for those afternoon energy slumps that most of us experience.

Buy Protein Cookies
I love cookies, but I don’t love the sugar crash most cookies give me. I also don’t feel great eating a lot of processed products that are nutritionally void. These chocolate chip cookies from Naked Nutrition can be a great option if you want something easy you can throw in your handbag or backpack and have on the go. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to chocolate and the chocolate in these is delicious. They also have defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat which is great for those of us that are gluten intolerant. They have that treat feeling without all the nasty ingredients that traditional cookies have and there are no artificial sweeteners. The best thing is each of these cookies is packed with 10g of protein which will go a long way to helping you hit your protein goals for the day and will ensure that you feel full longer.

Consider Protein Shakes
If you’ve tried protein shakes in the past, you might have tried some that were really chalky and didn’t have the best flavors. Well, I’ve been enjoying protein shakes for quite a while and I’ve come up with some hacks around that. For starters, I always like to add a frozen banana to my protein shakes. I blend it all up, and it creates a thicker, more delicious texture. It also helps to sweeten them up without using sugar or fake sweeteners. Another tip is that instead of buying flavored protein shakes, I prefer vanilla and add my own high-quality cacao powder. It gives it a more natural taste and that way I can personally control how chocolate I want my shakes to be.

Getting more protein in your diet each day will help you feel more satisfied longer, help you feel stronger against cravings, and to help prevent energy crashes. I hope these tips help you find delicious ways to increase your protein consumption.