Studies Warn Obesity May Wreak Havoc on Reproductive Health

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( — November 23, 2022) Orlando, FL — Studies looking into the dangerous health effects of obesity pile up. According to researchers, excessive weight could have damaging effects on various aspects of well-being, including reproductive health.

According to experts, obesity has an influence on different aspects of reproduction, ranging from sexual activity to conception. 

It is found that among women, the link between infertility and obesity, primarily ovulatory infertility, is represented by a classic U-shaped curve. 

The Nurses’ Health Study has shown that infertility was lowest in females with BMIs between 20 and 24, and increased with lower and higher BMIs. 

The findings of this research suggest that in the United States, 25 percent of ovulatory infertility may be due to obesity. It is worth noting that during pregnancy, obesity increases the odds of early and late miscarriage, as well as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and complications during labor and delivery. 

It is imperative to manage a healthy weight as it could have a strong influence on the various aspects of well-being. There are many proven weight management techniques, such as making dietary and lifestyle improvements.

Consuming certain foods like those containing probiotics may also be particularly helpful.

More and more studies reveal that the intake of probiotics may be significantly helpful in weight management, and this is due to their ability to lessen body fat.

According to researchers, probiotic intake has led to a reduction in the amount of fat currently stored by the body. 

This process starts in the gut, and this is according to a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods. Through the use of probiotic supplements, the number of specific good bacteria in the intestines increases, and this helped researchers to induce a change in body composition in the subjects. 

It has been found probiotics altered the manner the body used food for energy, and this allows the increase in the use of existing fat stores for fuel. It’s found there was a reduction in body fat, especially around the organs. 

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