Scientists Delve Deeper Into Poor Sleep and Text Anxiety

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( — November 25, 2022) Orlando, FL — Various research studies have long been carried out to look into the various aspects of sleep, especially poor sleep.

Scientists from the University of Kansas carried out a study.

They sought to shed light on the biopsychosocial process that can result in poor grades, class withdrawal, and dropouts. It has indeed been found around 40 percent of freshmen are unable to return to their universities for a second year in the U.S.

The findings were published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 

“We were interested in finding out what predicted students’ performance in statistics classes — stats classes are usually the most dreaded undergrad class,” said lead author Nancy Hamilton, professor of psychology at KU. 

In this study, Hamilton worth with graduate student co-authors Ronald Freche and Ian Carroll and undergraduates Yichi Zhang and Gabriella Zeller.

“It can be a particular problem that can be a sticking point for a lot of students. I’m interested in sleep, and sleep and anxiety are related. So, we wanted to find out what the relationship was between sleep, anxiety, and test performance to find the correlation and how it unfolds over time.”

The researchers surveyed sleep quality, anxiety levels, as well as their test scores involving 167 students enrolled in a statistics class at KU. The subjects actually completed an electronic batter of measures and completed Sleep Mood Study Diaries in the mornings and days before a statistics exam. 

“Studies have shown students tend to cope with anxiety through health behaviors,” Hamilton said. 

“Students may use more caffeine to combat sleep problems associated with anxiety, and caffeine can actually enhance sleep problems, specifically if you’re using caffeine in the afternoon or in the evening. Students sometimes self-medicate for anxiety by using alcohol or other sedating drugs. Those are things that we know are related.”

Time and again experts have revealed that poor sleep, especially on a long-term basis, could result in negative health outcomes. There are various remedies found to be helpful in improving sleep quality and quantity.

These include the use of B vitamins, which have long been associated with a myriad of health benefits. Some studies suggest an intake of B vitamins produces sleep health benefits. 

There are also brain health effects linked with their use, and they may even produce benefits for overall mental well-being.

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