The Real Story Behind Kristen Bell’s Fake Tattoos

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( — December 5, 2022) — One of the most beloved stars in Hollywood is Kirsten Bell. After all, she is famed for some of her wholesome performances in the Disney blockbuster Frozen and the romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which has gone on to become a true classic in the genre. People were shocked by the leaked photos of her that surfaced, seemingly exposing the unthinkable — that her body is indeed covertly covered in tattoos — because of her very innocent appearance. Naturally, this has generated some discussion online, leading some people to wonder if the Hollywood actress had been concealing her tattoos all along. Therefore, the natural question is: Are Kristen Bell’s tattoos real or fake? 


Like anything else on social media, the claims that Kristen Bell has numerous tattoos started as a simple jest. The initial pictures of her with her tattoos went viral on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is not at all unexpected that many individuals fell for it given the absence of context. Her tattoos’ mystery was not helped by the fact that many online trolls laughed along with the joke. The authenticity of the tattoos was confirmed. Fans of Kristen could no longer distinguish between fact and fiction. Rumors that she had truly gotten those tattoos spread like wildfire.

What is Real? 

Naturally, as one would anticipate after giving the matter a little more thought, Kristen Bell’s tattoos were completely fake. The majority of those who were smart enough to perform a reverse image search on the images discovered that they were taken from an old sketch for Funny or Die in 2012 that included Kristen Bell. Kristen’s body was covered with butterfly tattoos and other famous personal tattoos for that particular act, including Steve Urkel.

Hidden Ink?

Even after learning that Kristen’s tattoos were false, many tattoo-loving admirers who wanted the phenomenon to be true continued to pursue information about the actress’s possible hidden tattoos. Later, while Kristen was promoting her new movie The Boss, in which she co-stars in with Mellisa McCarthy, she spoke with Wired for an interview, putting an end to these rumors. 

She stated, “I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but my husband doesn’t like girls with tattoos,” when questioned if she truly had any tattoos on her body at the time. Her husband did not want her to have any.

Possible Plans?

Even though the actress doesn’t have any tattoos right now, she asserted that getting them in the future is not completely out of the question. She naturally has very strong motherly instincts, according to Kristen. In the future, she would be more than eager to get a tattoo associated with pregnancy. Although these tattoos are not precisely the butterfly and Steve Urkel tattoos that some of her admirers had hoped for, it is understandable that she would feel happy with them remaining on her body indefinitely because they are subjects she feels strongly about.

Piece of advice

If there is anything to be learned from this amusing rumor that the Frozen actress has tattoos on her body, it is that we should never blindly believe anything we see on social media. Even though these jokes were relatively innocuous and rather humorous, it nevertheless demonstrates how difficult it is to distinguish between genuine and fake content online. However, it would be much easier to distinguish between jokes and accurate facts with a little bit of investigation and the use of all the available resources. Even if Kristen Bell’s tattoos weren’t technically real, she undoubtedly has a prominent tattoo in her heart commemorating all of her loving fans’ love and admiration.