New Research Now Finds Car Commuting Is Linked With Premature Death

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( — December 13, 2022) Orlando, FL — Previous research studies have warned against living a sedentary lifestyle as it is linked with the increased risk of diseases. Some studies look into the various aspects of physical inactivity which can include commuting by car.

A new study was presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow, Scotland.

In this research, it has been found that obese individuals who commute by car have a higher risk of early death by 32 percent from any cause. The results were compared to subjects with a normal weight and commute via cycling and walking.

This research was carried out by Edward Toke-Bjolgerud, University of Glasgow, UK, and colleagues.

It is worth mentioning that in previous research based on the UK Biobank data, it has been found that active commuting, specifically involving cycling, was associated with a reduced risk of death by 50 percent. 

The investigators looked into the link between different modes of active commuting and obesity as well as adverse health outcomes. Examples of active commuting are walking, cycling, mixed mode, and by car. 

It is recommended that individuals who are obese or overweight may potentially reduce their risk of premature mortality if they actively commute. Engaging in physical activities has long been found to be extremely effective in warding off a range of diseases and disorders.

Today, more and more researchers carry out research studies to look into the best possible ways consumers can be more physically active. There are natural remedies like green tea found to help boost exercise performance.

There are actually many people nowadays who are having a difficult time engaging in physical activities. Natural remedies like green tea may help the body exercise better and burn more fat.

Research from Penn State University reveals that the combination of green tea and regular exercise was able to boost fat-burning in mice subjects.

Scientists have also revealed that this therapeutic ingredient enhances metabolism. It is worth realizing that slowed metabolism has been found to promote weight gain. Green tea has antioxidants called catechins that have metabolism-boosting benefits. 

It is also worth realizing that green tea consumption is linked with a myriad of health benefits. It has even demonstrated its ability to ward off a range of diseases and disorders.

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