Research Warns About Link Between Increased Sitting and Depression

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( — December 16, 2022) Orlando, FL — Depression affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is worth keeping in mind that there are many factors found to increase the odds and severity of this mental health issue. 

According to a study, sitting more is associated with increased feelings of depression and anxiety.  

Sedentariness has long been quite common, especially in the U.S. However since the pandemic hit, more and more people spend a lot of time watching TV, surfing the net, and binge-watching movies. 

“Sitting is a sneaky behavior,” said Jacob Meyer, assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University and lead author of the paper. 

“It’s something we do all the time without thinking about it.”

Meyer and his team investigated how physical activity and sedentary behaviors are correlated to mental health.

“In March 2020, we knew COVID was going to affect our behavior and what we could do in lots of weird, funky ways that we couldn’t predict,” Meyer said.

Meyer and a team of researchers obtained survey responses from over 3,000 study participants from all 50 states and the District of Colombia. 

It is worth noting that the subjects self-reported how much time they actually spent doing activities, staring at the screens, and exercising. They also compared such behaviors to the pre-pandemic times. 

Through the use of standard clinical scales, they indicated certain changes to the mental health of the respondents, such as feeling stressed, lonely, anxious, and depressed.

“We know when people’s physical activity and screen time changes, that’s related to their mental health in general, but we haven’t really seen large population data like this in response to an abrupt change before,” Meyer said.

Scientists have been carrying out research studies to look into the various aspects of mental health. It is worth realizing that while mental health issues like anxiety and depression are widespread, there are remedies found to be helpful in fighting them. 

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