A Published Study Links Migraine With the Increased Odds of Cardiovascular Problems

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(Newswire.net — December 16, 2022) Orlando, FL — Heart health issues have long been generally known to be some of the world’s biggest killer diseases. There are various factors found to contribute to these issues that scientists have been investigating.

A study was carried out and published in The BMJ.

In this research, it has been found that migraine is linked with heightened odds of cardiovascular health issues. These pertain to conditions that impact the heart and blood vessels, such as stroke, heart attacks, blood clots, and irregular heart rate. 

The findings further suggest that “migraine should be considered a potent and persistent risk factor for most cardiovascular diseases in both men and women,” and this is according to the authors.

Around the globe, roughly one billion people suffer from migraine. Experts have long warned that it has considerable effects on quality of life and even produces a substantial burden on society.

In previous research studies, the researchers highlight the association between migraine and stroke, and heart attacks, particularly among women. However, it is worth noting that such a link between migraine and other heart problems are less well-known.

This interesting study was carried out by researchers from Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, and Stanford University, USA.

During the study, the investigators were trying to see the risks of heart conditions including heart attacks, stroke, and peripheral artery disease, which pertains to the narrowing of the arteries which reduces blood flow to limbs.

Heart conditions further include blood clots and fast and irregular heart rates in individuals who experience migraines compared with people who don’t.

The researchers gathered patient data from the Danish National Patient Registry over a 19-year period, from 1995 to 2013. They compared it with more than 51,000 people who had been diagnosed with migraine with over 510,000 people who were migraine free.

An increasing number of research studies are looking into the impacts of using some remedies like nutrients in battling migraines. It is worth realizing that in some studies, the use of a macromineral called magnesium may be helpful.

Magnesium has long been studied due to its migraine-fighting benefits. Experts have time and again recommended maintaining adequate magnesium levels. It is also important to keep in mind that magnesium could be helpful in maintaining strong immunity.

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