Finding uniqueness in our everything and nothingness by Onyx W. D. Johnson

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( — December 10, 2022) —

Most of the time, we refuse to take the steering wheel and opt to take the back seat as we travel in the tumultuous journey called life.

We give other people and circumstances the power to control the direction of our life. These then influence our careers, how we dress, and even how we think, among others. When we have nothing, we accept whatever life throws our way, such as staying in a job we don’t even like because of the paycheck.

And the influence comes from other sources as well, like social media and television. We learn to live and think the way other people do. That said, embracing our uniqueness becomes almost impossible because of the fear of being different when everyone is flowing with the trends.

So, how do you find your uniqueness when it’s so unpopular to be different? It all starts with your definition of life itself. 

 “Life is everything and nothing but what we give it meaning to be,” says Onyx W. D. Johnson, project manager, vision coach, and CEO of Metatron Concepts, who dedicates his time to assisting people to understand their uniqueness as part of their personal development.

You can have everything, like a good job and finances, but they mean nothing to you if they don’t give you fulfillment and peace. On the other hand, you can have nothing to your name, but that would mean you have endless opportunities to try things that you love and are good at. With such an understanding, you would discover that fitting in is overrated and that true living is finding your uniqueness and living a fulfilling life.

 In our everything and nothingness is where we can find our uniqueness.

How to find your uniqueness

Finding your uniqueness is a journey of looking deep within yourself, finding and embracing the truths about yourself. Here are some pointers to help you in your quest.

Accept who you are

You can’t embrace your uniqueness if you don’t accept who you are. You have to realize that we are all born different. What are your strengths and weaknesses? When you are alone, what do you struggle with?

Part of embracing your uniqueness is loving yourself for who you are. Don’t rely on other people’s validations—all you need is your self-approval.

Observe your daily life

Sometimes, the biggest clue is how other people respond to you. Forget about self-limiting comments or gossip, but what do people often ask about you? What do you like talking about? What kind of people naturally fit in your life? What gives you joy? Observe how your daily life usually goes and be critical in assessing what seems like mundane interactions and situations.

Embrace your talents and skills

Your gifts and abilities are part of who you are. Find out how to embrace them more to find your purpose, make you feel alive, and give you joy.

Sometimes, we let go of our abilities to find jobs that promise more money, but if you could find a way to incorporate your gifts in the service of others, you would find more fulfillment and possibly success. 

Spend time alone

Find joy in your own company. Make time to know yourself and how you can contribute to your ideal world. Meditate on the things that give you joy and meaning in your life and act accordingly and in alignment with who you are. 

When you spend time alone, independent of others, you can discover things that make you unique and start embracing them. The madness of crowds can often make you lose a sense of yourself. 

Embrace your beliefs

What you believe in is part of who you are and has significance in your life. At times, you can’t express them well to people with opposing beliefs, but it is OK to understand what you believe in and why you believe in it.

“In an ideal world, if we can define our uniqueness and what we want our journeys to be, then collectively we can contribute to one another’s peace and happiness,” Onyx sums up. 

By finding our uniqueness, we can follow our paths to find prosperity when we have nothing and find fulfillment and joy when we have everything.