Bean Bags Bring Fun and Comfort to Any Room

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( — December 12, 2022) —

The Sea Urchin Chair

This was the predecessor of today’s bean chair, designed by Roger Dean in 1965. Although it was a foam chair, it conformed to the body of the person sitting on it, a new concept for seating of the time. In 1969, three designers were working at Zanotta Design in Italy, trying to design a chair that they could market to the ‘flower power’ generation of the 1960s. They were looking for a chair that not only fit into the sixties lifestyle but was also practical and stylish. They eventually designed the Sacco, or Socco, which conformed to the sitter. These bags were made from leather and pear-shaped pellets that were eventually replaced with foam, polystyrene beads, or PVC pellets. You can visit this website delta design ltd for further information.


The 1970s Bean Bag

During the 1970s, department stores sold a product known as the Sacco, which was very fashionable at the time. It was a hit because it was able to conform to the shape of the body and fulfill the needs of informal socializing, which were common during that decade. Both of these factors contributed to the popularity of the product. Bean bag chairs, due to their mobility and the fact that it was recognized that these chairs may benefit youngsters who suffered from sensory integration disorders, were also favored by professional designers. This was due to the portability of the bean bag chairs.


The 1990s Onwards

These’mod goods had a brief period of disfavor in the 1980s and ’90s, but they made a comeback in the latter decade of the century. The bean bag chair was now available in a variety of sizes and forms, and it even gave rise to bean bag sofas and recliners. These products were ideal for adolescents who desired a comfortable seating option from which to watch television and play computer games. Additionally, the safety of the bags was upgraded, and now even young toddlers are unable to open the zippers or climb inside of them.


The vast majority of chairs produced these days are stuffed with either biodegradable pellets or shredded foam; in addition, the fabric covers of these chairs are washable, which enables them to be cleaned with a minimum of effort. The major shapes that are available include the sack, which is the shape that has been used for longer, as well as the armchair or teardrop shape, which, since it is taller, can provide the body with additional support. Both of these primary shapes are available.

So Why Are They So Popular?

Children love bean bags. Not only are they perfect for relaxing and playing games on, but they are often a great spot for quiet reading time or even an afternoon nap. They are also available in an extensive range of colors and patterns, making them ideal for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or even the living room.


Adults also have fun sitting in a bean chair, as well as enjoying the ability of the chair to conform to the body and provide support to aching backs and shoulders. Because they are so light it means that they are easy to move around the house or even take outside on sunny days. They also make great additional seating space on informal social nights.


As they are now available in a range of finishes that include leather, it means that they will complement any style of reception room, whether traditional or contemporary. There are also larger bean chairs now available, which can seat more than one person comfortably, perfect for cozy nights in or for reading bedtime stories to the little ones. If you still have some questions then visit the revamp home goods.