What Poker Mode Is Best To Learn To Play

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(Newswire.net — December 14, 2022) — Poker is a game that will have caught your attention thanks to its enormous popularity. Nowadays, this discipline that involves cards and bets is gaining more and more followers of all ages. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to play online, tutorials to improve your technique, and even professional tournaments that are broadcast on TV at night. It’s all the rage.

But what is it that has so many people around the world dazzled by it? Surely you have already come to this conclusion: the best way to know the answer is to learn how to play and experience it for yourself. 

However, poker is a game that can be played in a variety of modalities. There are important differences in the complexity of its rules and the general difficulty to make a good game with little knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right one to take your first steps.

Here are some useful tips to get you started with this exciting game and we show you which is the ideal mode for beginners.

How to start playing poker: basic poker tips

Poker can be a really fun and entertaining game if you have some basic notions and get off to a good start. That’s why we’re going to start by offering you some useful tips.

Online poker

Nowadays, there are well-known online poker rooms like Pokerhub that allow you to practice comfortably anytime, anywhere. The games here are shorter than the traditional variety, and because it connects many different users from all over the world, you’ll find those at similar levels to your own with ease. For all these conveniences, our first piece of advice is to go for online learning.

Tutorials and extra information

Before jumping into the pool, it is interesting that you can check some tutorials on how to play and learn the rules. In addition, you can use some programs that help you to know your weaknesses, see statistics or get information during the game. This will make you feel less lost and start with more confidence.


The most infallible method to learn how to play poker correctly, and make a profit with it! Is to practice a lot and improve your strategy. All this should be done in a relaxed and enjoyable way, without tension! You must not forget that this is a hobby and that you are learning to have fun, acquire new knowledge, and have a good time.

The choice of opponents

Starting to play poker, or any other game, and doing it with people who have a very high level of knowledge, is a source of frustration. You will not make progress and you will not speak the same language as the other players. Therefore, it is important to start with people who match your level, as well as betting on a game mode that is easy for beginners.

Which modality to choose to start playing poker?

Texas Hold’Em will surely come to your mind if we talk about poke since it is the most popular modality and the one that moves the largest number of tournaments. However, the fact that it is the most common does not mean that it is the most suitable to take your first steps in this game.

Instead, we suggest you start with five-card poker. This is a discipline that is played a lot in online poker rooms and has great acceptance by beginners thanks to its simplicity. This also means that you will have more opportunities to meet opponents who are at the same level as you to practice.

The rules of five-card poker

The mechanics of this game mode are simple enough to start practicing right away, so beginners appreciate it greatly. Another thing is to get very good at the game, something you can only achieve with a little practice.

In this variant, you have to get the best hand on the table to win, something common to all types of poker. To do so, you must have five cards with the possibility of a discard among them, and without any of them being community cards.

The community cards are those that are placed on the table and can be used by all players to make better combinations. However, you don’t need to understand all these mechanics at the beginning if you opt for the five-card draw.

You will also be able to bet from the very first moment in your games, and you will do it according to the cards you have in your hands. It is also something that means the way of betting compared to other variants and that allows you to play entirely with simple rules.

Five card poker variants

However, poker always surprises us with varieties of our choice. In its five-card mode, it is no less, there are also variants! Here are the ones you can find:

  • Before. The most common and the one you are most likely to find wherever you decide to play. It consists of formalizing the bet before receiving your cards, something that makes you more decisive once you discover them.
  • Blinds. This version is a little more complex and is a little more similar to the famous Texas Hold’Em. It will be the players on the left who will bet first before the cards are dealt, being the leftmost the small blind, and the less left the big blind. The small blind will always be half of the big blind.