Research Now Highlight What Bacteria-Eaters Do To Prevent Food Poisoning

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( — December 22, 2022) Orlando, FL — Over the years, researchers have been carrying out studies to look into the remedies potentially helpful in fighting food poisoning.

A study from the University of Helsinki has particularly shown that bacteria-killing viruses could be useful not just in health care, but also in the food industry.  

This research focused on the use of viruses that infect and destroy bacteria, known as bacteriophages or phages, in preventing infectious diseases. It has gained new traction after antibiotic resistance has become a global public health problem. 

It is worth noting that each bacteriophage only infects a handful of bacterial species or strains. This makes them veritable weapons of precision in warding off bacterial diseases. 

For a long time, Professor Mikael Skurnik from the University of Helsinki has focused his study on bacteriophages and phage therapy. Now in collaboration with researchers at the Seoul National University in South Korea, the professor has been looking into the possibility of using phages also in eliminating foodborne pathogens and preventing food poisoning. 

The investigators concentrated on the Yersinia enterocolitica bacterium, which is by far the most common cause of yersiniosis. Such a disease is commonly transmitted through undercooked or raw pork. 

It is worth keeping in mind that symptoms of Yersiniosis include severe abdominal pain and diarrhea, and fever, which may last up to three weeks.

“We focused on those foodstuffs that most often transmit infections, as well as those kitchen utensils most often used to handle these foodstuffs,” explains Skurnik.

Daily products available in grocery shops, such as grilled and raw pork as well as milk, were injected with Y. enterocolitica. 

“Phage treatment was effective in inhibiting bacterial growth in food, while the number of phages in the food grew, indicating that phages infect bacteria and grow in them also when refrigerated,” says Skurnik.

Today, there are many remedies found to be helpful against food poisoning. One is activated charcoal, which has a highly porous surface. It is made from burning raw materials like coconut shells with the use of extremely high temperatures. 

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