A Study Warns About Exhaustion and Increased Heart Attack Risk

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(Newswire.net — January 4, 2023) Orlando, FL — Researchers have been investigating the various factors that influence cardiovascular health. It is worth keeping in mind that conditions like heart attacks are quite prevalent nowadays. 

A study was carried out and presented at ESC Acute Cardiovascular Care 2021, which is an online scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

In this research, it has been found that men with vital exhaustion are more susceptible to a heart attack. The myocardial infarction risk associated with exhaustion was particularly obvious in those who were divorced, never got married, and widowed men. 

According to Dr. Dmitriy Panov, vital exhaustion refers to excessive fatigue, feelings of demoralization, and increased irritability. Panov is a study author and is from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. 

“It is thought to be a response to intractable problems in people’s lives, particularly when they are unable to adapt to prolonged exposure to psychological stressors.”

The research looked into the relationship between vital exhaustion and the risk of myocardial infarction. It involved men with no history of cardiovascular disease. 

The investigators used data from the World Health Organization (WHO) MONICA Project.2  in this study. It involved a representative sample of 657 men aged 25 to 64 years in Novosibirsk who were enrolled in 1994.

They assessed symptoms of vital exhaustion at baseline through the use of the Maastricht Vital Exhaustion Questionnaire adopted by the MONICA protocol.  Subjects were classified according to their level of vital exhaustion, namely none, moderate, or high. They were followed for 14 years to determine the incidence of a heart attack.

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