Necessity for WebWork Time Tracker To Have a Productive Workflow

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( — January 11, 2023) — Have you ever thought that 24 hours is not enough in a day? Why do others seem to manage their time well? What can I do to maintain a work-life balance?

If you think about these questions, then it may be difficult for you to manage your time. WebWork Time Tracker will help you to have a smart time management system. 

As an all-in-one tool, WebWork Time Tracker is a perfect option for working in a more organized way. In this article, you will learn about the importance of time tracking, who it is great for, and WebWork’s new features (HR and Communication Tools). 

What Is a Time Tracker?

A time tracker is a software that keeps a record of the worked hours. That said, it helps you to know how much time you spend on tasks, projects, and clients. This way, you will see tasks with closer deadlines to stay updated and be sure you meet the due dates. In addition, you will notice tasks with missed deadlines to complete further tasks faster and improve your productivity.  

Usually, a time tracker includes features that help analyze the working process. For instance, taking periodic screenshots to have proof of work. It can also measure and improve your productivity. 

Who Can Benefit from a Time Tracker? 

Everyone can benefit from a time tracker regardless of their field, profession, or team size. It tracks your time and boosts your productivity along the way. Moreover, it is your guide to increased productivity.

Office-based Workers

As an employer, it becomes easier to watch your employees at the office, as they are physically in the office. However, you can’t always watch their activities. For instance, it may be hard to track employee attendance without a time tracker. Timecards, excessive paperwork, and different documents may be overwhelming. That is why office-based workers might need a time tracker with an attendance monitoring feature. Fortunately, most of the time trackers have this feature, and due to this, you can easily track employee attendance. 

This way, you can see the start and the end of your employees’ working hours in an optimized format. Furthermore, having a tool with proper features will help you create a responsible working environment.   

Remote Workers 

When remote, you cannot always see how much time your remote team dedicates to their tasks. In addition, the chances are high that your employees are not focused on their work. This is where a time tracker comes to help. With the help of a time tracker, your employees will most probably be focused and work better.
It is better to know how much time and effort your team dedicates to their tasks. A time tracker makes sure that your employees have a good time and task management system. This way, you can estimate your remote team’s performance. 


One of the main dilemmas of being a freelancer is calculating billable hours. As a freelancer, you may have problems with payment accuracy. Luckily, there is now software that helps in solving this problem. A time tracker fixes this dilemma by letting you set an hourly rate to your contracts to mark them as billable. The product automatically generates the amount to pay based on the number of tracked hours. It tracks accurate billable hours that can ensure trust and certainty between you and your clients.

Hybrid Workers

Hybrid work means that half of your team works at the office and half out of the office. In such a case, you need to make sure that both office employees and out-of-office employees stay productive. 

As communication problems arise when switching to hybrid work, a time tracker comes to help. It is a great option for your hybrid team. Moreover, it is needed both at the office and out of the office. It helps by providing features like Team Chat and Video Calls. This way the communication process is easier and faster.  

Why Do You Need WebWork Time Tracker?

Initially a time tracker, WebWork has been focusing on time management and productivity monitoring. It is still doing so, but with a larger range of features. 

As a complete work platform, WebWork is enabling teams of all kinds to organize their work and manage its completion in a centralized and easy way. 

Time Tracking with Screenshots

The main aim of time tracking with screenshots feature is to have proof of employees’ work with 4 screenshot modes. This way, you will be aware of every detail of your team’s workflow.

Productivity Monitoring

You may wonder whether your employees use productive, non-productive, or neutral websites and apps. Fortunately, WebWork labels them to increase your team’s productivity. It might be the right solution for you to improve the work quality of your employees.  

Task Management System 

For long-term productivity, it would be good to have all your tasks organized accurately. It may be hard for you to focus on one task, as you may have many projects, each having different deadlines. That is why you need software that will help you to organize your tasks accurately. With a task management system, you can assign tasks and track the time spent on each of them. WebWork helps you to label them as open, in progress, and done so that you can track the status of each one. You can set deadlines for each task by choosing priority (normal, high, urgent). 

HR and Communication Tools

Now you can track time, manage projects, and communicate on the same platform. You do not need any additional apps or tools to organize your communication. 

Communicate with your team members via Team Chat and Video Calls right in WebWork. Manage employee vacation and leave with one click.  On Team Chat, you can chat in private messages, create group channels, communicate, discuss work, and share files. 
The Video Call feature allows you to organize meetings and have discussions. Invite your team members and have face-to-face discussions without switching to another tool. Now, the maximum size for calling people is 10, but soon you will be able to invite more people.
Moreover, with these tools, you will save your time and communicate faster. 


Everyone can benefit from a time tracker and improve their productivity. It is equally important for all types of teams. As an all-in-one tool, WebWork is a perfect option for time-saving, faster communication, and productivity.