Research Findings Now Give Hope In Minimizing UTI Bladder Pain

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( — January 19, 2023) Orlando, FL — Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect around 150 million people around the globe. Researchers continue to carry out studies to look into the techniques helpful in reducing its symptoms.

A study presents hope for enhanced UTI treatments that help minimize bladder pain. It is important to realize that infection is the leading cause of chronic bladder dysfunction.  

The Flinders University researchers at SAHMRI in collaboration with Griffith University on the Gold Coast carried out this research. 

In this study, they were able to identify the manner that immune system defence against bladder infection triggers nerves in magnifying the sensations felt by patients. The investigators analyzed how the immune system responds to UTIs. 

They also sought to establish the direct link that the response has in magnifying bladder pain.

“Understanding how nerves in the bladder transmit different sensations to the brain could potentially help limit bladder dysfunction in overactive bladder patients,” says Clinical Pharmacology Research Fellow & Head of Bladder Research.

“We believe that chronic pain and bladder dysfunction are a failure of these nerves to reset after inflammation, so by understanding how these nerves function with a UTI and what causes them to become more sensitive over time, we can develop effective treatments.”

An overactive bladder pertains to a disorder found to have no specific cause. It is worth noting that many people diagnosed with an overactive bladder actually have a history of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and have persistent low levels of UTI.

“Our study provides a new understanding of why some overactive bladder patients do not respond to traditional medications and continue to suffer in silence, and opens the door for the development of more specific and effective treatments in the future.”

Scientists are increasingly carrying out studies to look into the potentially helpful remedies against UTIs. It is interesting to note that in a number of studies, an all-natural ingredient called D-mannose has been found helpful.

Time and again it has been found that D-mannose works by binding with E.coli, which is a bacterium found to be responsible for around 90 percent of all UTI cases. This therapeutic remedy is obtained widely today through the use of superior-strength supplements like Divine Bounty D-mannose.

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