Riverside CA Data Disaster Recovery/Small Business IT Management Services Launch

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Local Riverside, CA managed IT service provider Biztek Solutions have updated their data backup and disaster recovery support, protecting small companies from network failure and information loss.

Biztek Solutions, Inc., an managed IT service provider (MSP) based in Riverside, CA, have recently updated their information backup and disaster recovery services, offering to protect small businesses and organizations from data loss and network failure.

More information is available at https://www.biztek-solutions.com/managed-it-services-riverside-ca

Their recently updated services automatically back up critical data every 15 minutes, allowing files to be retrieved within half an hour and enabling businesses to avoid a loss in revenue due to system failure. Data disasters can cause companies to lose invaluable information, such as inventories, customer lists, and reports.

Biztek Solutions aim to keep vital company data safe and secure through their expert managed IT services. They estimate that small to medium sized businesses will lose an average of $12,500 per day due to incidents involving data loss and network disasters. Moreover, they indicate that small businesses can fold within 10 days of a data disaster if they fail to get their operations back up and running.

Biztek Solutions can remedy this potential for data loss through implementing disaster plans and providing expert information recovery systems designed to protect organizations from closure. They create effective backup systems and recovery solutions that work for local companies with smaller managed IT service budgets.

Additionally, their recovery systems comply with state and local data protection laws. Besides network failure and accidental data loss, Biztek Solutions’ backup systems can protect company data from physical damage to monitors and servers caused by fires and floods.

Interested parties can find out more information at https://www.biztek-solutions.com/resources/what-are-managed-it-services-and-why-you-should-demand-it

In addition to Riverside, their recently expanded data backup and disaster recovery services are ideal for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) in the Los Angeles, Pasadena, Irvine, and San Bernardino areas.

Biztek Solutions are an expert local MSP dedicated to helping small businesses keep their operations running smoothly by protecting them from cyber security threats, recovering lost data, and offering round the clock help desk support.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our business continuity solution is designed to quickly revive your network and have your employees productive again in almost no time.”

More information is available at https://www.biztek-solutions.com or by calling +1-951-653-9562.

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