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MATH 1-2-3 (888-628-4123) has updated its tutoring services to better help students prepare for the math sections of standardized tests. The company serves all of NYC, as well as Westchester County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

As part of its updated services, the private math tutoring company provides post-pandemic refresher classes for high school students preparing for their SATs, AP, or other standardized exams. The group offers one-on-one private coaching as well as group classes, focused on bringing students back up to speed after losing regular class time over the course of recent years.

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MATH 1-2-3, which specializes in all levels of mathematics – elementary through college-level calculus – now offers both online and at-home private tutoring services for students who may have missed essential learning benchmarks during the pandemic. The organization also teaches kids learning strategies for the math portions of all standardized tests.

The U.S. government released the results of a national reading and math exam in October 2022 which showed a sharp decline in math skills among students since the onset of the pandemic. Math scores for eighth graders fell in nearly every state – and across every demographic. Only 26 percent of eighth graders were scored as ‘proficient,’ an especially troubling trend according to educators who say that this age group represents a transitional phase – the starting point for pursuing more difficult math courses and exams. Some of the largest drops were in states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York – where scores are typically well above the national average.

In a drive to reverse this trend and help more students improve their math skills, MATH 1-2-3, founded by Mark Kronenberg in 1995, uses its strict hiring criteria, setting itself apart from sector players. The company takes on only those with college degrees in math or a related field, and who have at least ten years of post-collegiate tutoring experience. Candidates are subjected to several interviews, ensuring they can manage all levels of instruction and address any academic need – including test prep for the SAT, GMAT, and AP calculus exams.

As tutoring is distinct from teaching – tutors never know exactly which questions they will encounter on any given day – the company’s instructors are able to explain material clearly, regardless of the textbook used, and they tailor every tutoring session to match the student’s needs. MATH 1-2-3 recently introduced distance learning, working with clients remotely using a tablet-friendly Internet whiteboard program that has proven to be popular and successful with many of the students.

One satisfied parent commented: “We’ve worked with Mark for many years, he’s a perfectionist and our daughter has benefited so much from that.”

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