Payment Processing Fee Protection, Removal System For Auto Repair Shops Updated

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Payment solutions provider KickFees has updated its Fee Defender platform, allowing its use across a variety of trade and repair businesses.

With the latest revisions, Fee Defender can be deployed by automotive repair and other specialist trades, and is designed to identify and refund unnecessary payment processing fees and/or over-billings. The solution can be integrated with existing point-of-sale or payment gateways, and the firm also offers it as part of a complete system.

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KickFees’ recent update adds to a growing list of businesses types that can utilize Fee Defender, including retail, QSR food and beverage, and providers of medical and beauty services. The firm’s goal is to reduce the financial burden of bank fees on small and medium-sized businesses, improving overall profitability.

As with many small businesses, automotive repair companies have faced significant economic headwinds in the past 2 years. A recent report from found that some of the greatest challenges include increasing costs, supply of affordable parts, and offering incentives for new and returning customers.

KickFees notes that many of these issues are financial in nature, and the firm’s enhanced Fee Defender platform is designed to remove a common overhead. When integrated with a POS or payment gateway, the system analyzes monthly payment processing statements to identify undeclared fees or over-billings. Any such charges can then be refunded to the business by direct bank deposit.

As mentioned, KickFees also offers complete payment processing solutions, which can include card readers, smart terminals, virtual terminals, mobile apps, and more. In keeping with the company’s goals, payment processing systems can be supplied and installed with affordable monthly plans, removing the requirement for large initial outlays.

About KickFees

Founded by a team of financial technology specialists, KickFees aims to provide superior payment processing solutions that protect the financial interests of small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s Fee Defender system has been integrated with a variety of software packages, including accounting, inventory management, invoicing, restaurant, and retail.

A company representative recently stated: “We are laser focused on providing our customers with a high-quality experience built around honesty, product knowledge, and 30+ years of experience in the payment processing industry.”

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