Tax Free Vehicles Being Delivered To First Nation Communities

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First Nation Auto Finder has developed a brand of marketing for First Nation using an Inter-Tribal Trade model where First Nation citizens buy from each other and support each other’s business in supplying the community’s needs. By using the best of social connections and e-commerce.

First Nation Auto Finder features First Nation based Auto Dealers and Custom Crafted Accessories. The website features dealers that can assist with the whole Vehicle Buying process from helping the customer choose the right vehicle, arranging the financing and then delivering the vehicle right to the First Nation tax free!

The site features a Social Site where members can upload an image or video of the products they are selling. It’s a free membership for all First Nation citizens in Canada and the United States.

The site is set-up to be a social site that First Nations and Tribal communities can connect, make friends, sell products, refer products and vendors, it is based on a concept of inter-tribal trade.

The tribal nations thrived on inter-tribal trade long before contact are seeing the concept viable in all areas of commerce.

Many non-first nation owned Auto Dealers have seen the First Nation market as a huge market and have been using their marketing campaigns to target the First Nation buyers with a lot of success.

These Auto Dealers have been using some tactics such as “Free Delivery”, “Tax Free”, “Everyone Qualifies Regardless of Credit”.

First Nation Auto Finder has reached out to First Nation entrepreneurs to develop this market and help define the new Inter-Tribal Trade in this new era of commerce.

Using the website as the main platform and using traditional tribal connections to promote trade and commerce in the communities once again.

The site will feature a referral program that will allow anyone to make a commission selling or referring products to each other, this concept can also be used as a fund-raising program.

Many First Nations and Tribal communities hang out on popular social channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, so the social part is huge with the communities in connecting with each for the latest in what is happening locally and in other communities. So, the market is there and ready to be marketed in very targeted fashion.

There is a great opportunity for First Nation entrepreneurs to gain popularity, recognition and branding for their products and companies, so there is a benefit for everyone and a huge opportunity to take the Inter-Tribal Trade to a new level.

Many Corporation are seeing the value of doing business and partnering with First Nations and Tribal Nations, it is great business to help the tribes develop with commerce, infrastructure and job opportunities.

National companies such as AECON and Bird Construction have developed partnership agreements with Canadian First Nations and are succeeding with creating jobs, better opportunities and infrastructure for the communities.

First Nation Auto Finder creator, Guy Monague is developing a series of themed sites that will assist first nations with Inter-Tribal Trade and developing a great social connection for Business and Employment solutions.

The additional sites will be called First Nation Business Finder and First Nation Job Finder using the same concepts of social connections and a place for business or government to post promotions and opportunities.

Check out today and sign up to the social site, it’s free to sign up and to start listing vehicles for sale and any hand-crafted auto-related products that can be sold to other nations or to the general public.

The site features both First Nation owned and First Nation friendly companies, most communities have existing relationships with vendors that supply a lot products, and a lot these companies could be considered First Nation Friendly. These companies understand and respect the rights of the Indigenous communities and the relationships have been built throughout time.

Please contact the owner of this site, for any questions or for further information.

Very Much Appreciated

Guy Monague/First Nation Auto Finder