Fort Lauderdale Experienced Securities Law Firm For FINRA Arbitration Expanded

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The Soreide Law Group (1-888-760-6552) has expanded its operations into the Fort Lauderdale area, allowing residents to access the firm’s FINRA arbitration assistance service.

This newly expanded service is the ideal settlement solution for those impacted by negligent or fraudulent trading on the part of a securities broker or fund manager. Soreide Law Group is prepared to provide representation to individuals seeking to settle their case out of court, and they have a unique toolkit at their disposal to help in that process.

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As part of this new expansion, Fort Lauderdale residents can enlist Soreide’s highly trained legal team to carry out the FINRA arbitration process with the ultimate goal of recovering some or all of the funds lost as a result of negligence by a broker. These proceedings will take place out of court, and the plaintiffs will pay nothing except in cases of successful recovery.

FINRA arbitration has been used by thousands of plaintiffs to successfully recover funds from stock brokers in cases of overleveraging, bad recommendations, risky or unauthorized trading, or failure to limit losses. In these cases, FINRA arbitration can be an effective way to leverage state, local, and federal statutes to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Soreide Law Group has already helped a large number of Floridians recover their funds through this process, and have seen success in 9/10 cases that they represent.

One individual had this to say regarding their experience, “Our experience with Lars Soreide was very satisfying. He is a very sincere and dedicated lawyer. He did an excellent job in representing us in front of the arbitrator. We recovered 100% of the funds that we invested with the stockbroker. We highly recommend him.”

Lars Soreide, the firm’s head lawyer, is an expert on FINRA and worked for the organization for many years before assembling his own practice. As a result, he has the knowledge and skills required to navigate the sometimes lengthy and often complicated process that can ensue as a result of initiating FINRA arbitration.

Soreide Law Group also maintains an ongoing database of brokers and fund managers who have been accused of securities fraud in the past, or who have otherwise been flagged by FINRA. Interested parties can use this database to determine whether their broker may be engaging in negligent or fraudulent behavior, or to avoid brokers who have done so previously.

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