Long Island Certified IRS Accountant | Tax & Debt Settlement Services Expanded

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Long Island Tax Solutions (631-557-2181) has expanded its services to provide IRS tax settlements, lien removals, wage garnishment resolutions, and other tax relief services for clients in Long Island, New York City.

The tax resolution services provider now offers professional tax preparation assistance, delinquent tax return filing support, and a variety of other accounting services to individuals, companies, and business owners.

More details can be found at https://longislandtaxsolutions.com

With Long Island Tax Solutions’ recently expanded services, clients in the area will get easier access to certified tax resolution specialists and public accountants for their overdue tax debts and other IRS-related issues. The firm’s experts specialize in creating custom strategies to resolve complex IRS tax discrepancies for its clients.

One of the common challenges individuals and businesses face when dealing with taxes is a lack of awareness of IRS policies regarding procedures, deadlines, and consequences attached to tax filing infractions. Some of these consequences include wage garnishments, tax liens, and incurring interest in tax debts.

Long Island Tax Solutions’ experts aim to relieve clients of the time-consuming burdens of tax filing procedures by representing them in all negotiations and correspondence with IRS agents.

The company applies its in-depth knowledge of IRS policies and industry networks to thoroughly review difficult tax cases and create effective strategies to resolve them.

Its specialists first assess their client’s financial situation and seek to obtain the relevant IRS information pertaining to their case. This process is followed by the creation of a custom tax plan that addresses their specific wage garnishment or tax lien issue.

In cases of wage garnishments, Long Island Tax Solutions’ specialists communicate with the client’s IRS district director to request wage levy releases. If a request has been denied, the firm’s specialists guide clients through appeal proceedings in order to reach a favorable resolution.

About Long Island Tax Solutions

Long Island Tax Solutions comprises a team of expert-certified public accountants and tax specialists with over 25 years of experience in tax resolution and settlement. The firm operates out of its office in Stony Brook and offers its services to clients in Long Island and other locations across New York City.

A satisfied client said, “Long Island Tax Solutions helped me solve my IRS and NYS tax debts like pros. The team I worked with was courteous and they explained everything to me with full transparency. Long Island Tax Solutions, was able to work out a tremendous settlement that saved over $50,000.00 , They are the best in the business when it comes to Tax Settlement and Tax Resolution.”

More information is available at https://longislandtaxsolutions.com

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