London Knee Arthritis Injection For Disability Relief, Treatment Launched

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The London Cartilage Clinic (0207 9657268), a private clinic that brings together top surgeons, engineers, and scientists to offer innovative treatments, has launched a new Arthrosamid treatment for knee osteoarthritis patients that provide safe, long-lasting relief with a single injection.

Osteoarthritis, also sometimes called “wear and tear” arthritis, affects over 8.5 million people in the UK alone, most commonly in the knees. A new treatment option launched by the London Cartilage Clinic uses a unique hydrogel compound to cushion and lubricate knee joints, with several important benefits over traditional injections or regenerative treatments.

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Though osteoarthritis has no cure, the new treatment from the London Cartilage Clinic has been shown to provide longer-lasting relief than other options, given Arthrosamid’s potential to integrate into the soft synovial tissue in the joint capsule. With the treatment, research has shown that pain relief can last for up to one year, and other beneficial effects can last for several years, from a single injection.

Prior to the Arthrosamid injections, treatment options that could reduce pain and improve mobility were available, but they were often short-term solutions with the potential to cause damage to any remaining cartilage. In contrast, side effects of Arthrosamid are both minimal and short-term, with the most common being temporary pain or swelling at the injection site.

The hydrogel works by forming a cushion-like membrane inside of the joint, that provides protection for the patient’s knee, as well as lubrication. Since the hydrogel is non-biodegradable, long-lasting, and cannot be absorbed by the body, some experts believe this could lead to an effective cure for osteoarthritis.

In a comprehensive review of studies done on Arthrosamid (1), researchers concluded that “this [Arthrosamid] hydrogel seems to be an efficacious and safe treatment option for knee OA and provides positive results for at least 2 years.” The researchers assessed outcomes from hundreds of patients and found that while the treatment provides pain relief and improved mobility for at least one to two years, there were no lasting adverse side effects reported.

The London Cartilage Clinic is staffed by some of the UK’s top medical specialists and offers a full range of treatments ranging from Arthrosamid injections and cartilage supplements to cell therapy and biological scaffolding.

One satisfied client said, “The whole care pathway from admission to discharge was streamlined and characterised by caring staff. Prof Lee is competent, multi-talented, and approachable. He was reassuring before, during and after the procedure; and above all else, was kind to me.”

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