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Times 10 Publications has announced the availability of Hacking Leadership, a book written for school administrators and superintendents who wish to promote a culture of learning in their schools.

The book is intended to challenge pre-existing mindsets about leadership within the school setting. Written by veteran school leaders Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis, Hacking Leadership provides school stakeholders with a novel look into the minds of students.

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The book goes in line with Times 10 Publications’ mission to provide practical solutions to educators and administrators alike. In particular, Hacking Leadership outlines the oft-understated effect that principals and other school leaders have on teachers and the student body.

Studies have shown that principals can have an indirect, albeit significant, impact on students. Effective principals can increase students’ learning and comprehension of reading and math, whereas principals who are not as involved with teachers or the student body yield no such positive results.

Written by present-day school leaders and based on real experiences, Hacking Leadership highlights the importance of departing from conventional leadership norms. Rather than leading from behind the scenes, the authors emphasize consistent, personal engagement as the key to empowering teachers and students.

Included in the publication are unique, step-by-step strategies for administrators to employ within their schools to remove the barrier between the administration and the student body. One such suggestion is the use of social media and other technology as tools to facilitate communication between students, teachers, parents, and the community.

The authors also note that the division of leadership is vital, both to empower teachers and to prevent initiative overload. By encouraging teachers to also take the reins, school leaders can help teachers and students “own” their workspaces, promoting a more passionate learning environment.

Hacking Leadership is one of the books in a series intended for school leaders. Times 10 Publications is a purveyor of resources and practical solutions for those working in the education system, and has published many other books on the subject.

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A satisfied reader said: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found that it included very practical information. It is a book that should be read by any educator looking for ways to inspire students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community. Each chapter or ‘hack’ provides insight, practical information, advice, and great quotes.”

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