Trezor Model One Crypto Wallet Family 4-Pack: Hardware Storage Announced

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A robust solution for crypto trading enthusiasts, the Trezor Model One Family Pack of 4 is now available on

The Crypto Merchant, an e-store specializing in crypto security solutions, has announced the availability of the Trezor Model One 4-pack – a hardware wallet designed for investors and traders looking for a budget-friendly cold storage solution. Featuring extensive coin and operating system compatibility and being verified as “secure” by top experts, the wallet offers high standards of security for new traders.

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Now offered in a high-value family pack, the Trezor Model One is one of the most trusted wallets in the crypto community, explains The Crypto Merchant. With Trezor being the first to create “bulletproof” cold storage hardware wallets, the brand has extensive experience and a track record of success – and their open-source code has been verified and improved by leading international security experts, the e-store adds.

A fully decentralized wallet, the Model One is a versatile choice which offers top standards of security and full coin compatibility at an accessible price point.

“Unlike some other popular crypto wallets, the Trezor has no limit on the number of different coins you can store on a single device, making it an excellent value,” said a The Crypto Merchant representative. “You can store all of your different cryptocurrencies on one single Trezor unit.”

The robust wallet can also be used for secured password and digital identity management, offering a superior alternative to master password-based systems.

“Trezor doubles as a fully encrypted password management device,” said the company. “Traditional password managers share one weak point; the master password. Trezor Password Management software doesn’t require a master password. Instead, your Trezor hardware is the master key to your passwords, providing ultimate security.”

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the wallet is inspected and verified as secure by top crypto security experts.

With the latest update, The Crypto Merchant continues to expand its range of high-quality crypto storage solutions for private and corporate investors, traders and other clients.

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